Governors, Let's Get Started!

Hi community! I believe the election for liquidity DAO governor positions has concluded, and all 9 applicants were elected.

@fengtality , would you mind sharing some guidance or points of contact for us to get the DAO operational?

To all the governors, it’s nice to meet you! To get started with group communication, I’ve started a liquidity dao discord server. In order to verify the governors, I have tried to connect with all of you over LinkedIn and once I do I will send you a message with a link to the server that I just started; here’s my linkedin profile to verify myself. It looks like everyone but @BiasFolio included a linkedin on their governance proposal post, so @BiasFolio I will just send you a message through the “Contact Us” section on . Please respond to this thread if you have not yet received a linkedin request / email from me.

Hopefully we can get this DAO up and running and start communicating soon! Looking forward to connecting and building out liquidity DAO with you all!


Due to restrictions on number of mentions for new users on this forum, I am mentioning the governors in separate posts.

@sukantag @fanglinlu

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Tagging @sunita and @Kai_Chen

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Tagging @edyap and @hoang

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And finally, tagging @KyleMizui

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Hey @maxwell , I have responded to your message on LinkedIn. Looking forward to see the discord server link :smiley: .