🚨 Mandatory Node Update

:rotating_light:Mandatory Node Update​:rotating_light:

:point_right: v4.3.4 - latest release for all @harmonyprotocol $one validators and RPC node runners.

:pray: Please update your node before :hotsprings: epoch 870 :hotsprings:

:alarm_clock: < Feb 11 2022

:page_with_curl: Details​:point_down:

:small_blue_diamond: This is a mandatory update to enable the Metamask Staking feature at epoch 871 (expected to happen 11 Feb 2022).

:small_blue_diamond: Failing to do so and your node may end up stuck at epoch 870.

:small_blue_diamond: Release Information

:small_blue_diamond: Update instructions:

:small_blue_diamond: Take note that v4.3.4 include the feature of v4.3.3 release so feel free to go through the release note as well :