Marketplace to sell event tickets as NFTs

Name of Project


Proposal overview

Sesame is the first NFT marketplace focused on selling tickets for live events of any kind, including music festivals, sport games, concerts, museums and many more.

In other words, we aim to reinvent the ticketing industry by allowing event organizers to mint and sell tickets as NFTs on our platform.

The ticketing industry needs a change urgently. Problems such as scams cost consumers about $800M per year, proving that a verified marketplace where tickets can be sold from the organizer to the customer, and in a P2P way between customers is the next step to be developed.

Also, blockchain technology will open new opportunities for engagement between live events and consumers. NFTs are a memory, a collectable/tradeable asset, a pass to build community with similar interests, a possibility to gamify the event, a passport for privileges, and many more.

Although we are aware that crypto usage is still very little (2% worldwide population), we think that regular applications will be the ones that bring mass attention to the ecosystem. We know new customers can be overwhelmed with blockchain and NFTs usage, so our philosophy to design both the project and the product is “make your mother use crypto without knowing she is using crypto”. You will notice this in the features description.

The key features of Sesame will be:

  1. Marketplace: as “a ticketmaster of NFTs”, Sesame will sell tickets of events through this platform. Organizations will be able to mint, list and sell NFTs to their customers, offering different kinds of tickets/NFTs depending on the privileges they have.
  2. Secondary marketplace: to definitely end with fraud in the ticketing industry, Sesame will create a P2P marketplace where tickets can be resold. This is not only thought to sell tickets when the customer is not able to attend the event, but also to trade mythical NFTs from past events, such as Superbowls, Soccer World Cups, legendary festivals such as Tomorrowland, etc.
  3. Multi payment methods: Users will be able to pay both in FIAT and crypto, in order to gain mass attention and evangelize the use of crypto for regular life. For the last option, Harmony wallet will be integrated with the marketplace.
  4. Profile page: Users who do not use a blockchain wallet will be able to introduce their mail and user data in their profile account. NFTs will be attached to these accounts, and will be given to the users when they make the decision to create a wallet in blockchain. As well, this profile page will be used to manage own NFTs, having the possibility to purchase new packages or special offers that events may enable, making upselling and engagement more easy to organizations.
  5. Social platform: A parallel platform will be made for users to upload their NFTs, share them with friends and build community. This platform is thought to collect your own NFTs and show other people’s ones, so trading can be stimulated through this world too.
  6. Dynamic NFTs: NFTs will change their shape when the user makes some actions or activities in the real world, being in the event. With this strategy, we not only gamify the live events, but also contribute to make unique NFTs related to real experiences that also can be traded as a more valuable asset in the secondary market.
  7. DAOs: DAOs will eventually take action in the Sesame environment to cover several applications, such as vinculating NFTs to accounts and eventually associate them to wallets, or manage payments in different formats (Fiat and crypto).

As it is exposed, Sesame pursues the goal of disrupting the ticketing industry with the introduction of blockchain technologies, making millions of users make the transition from traditional Web2 services to Web3 applications.

The proposal is asked to

  • create the marketplace
  • start the business
  • gain first customers
  • selling our first tickets - planned to be happening in the beginning of summer

The go-to-market strategy will be based on traditional B2B techniques, approaching directors of music festivals, sports teams and concerts promoters in the first place, to start selling tickets to the attendants, in a B2B2C strategy.

This product is in the MVP stage. After being able to sell tickets in traditional Web2 technologies, the next step is including the Harmony wallet to the platform, and being able to mint NFTs.

We aim to acquire at least two to three music festivals before the summer, selling about 10.000 tickets approximately, and as a consequence, minting 10.000 NFTs.

Proposal ask

Total Allocation - $60,000

Estimated Timeline - 3 Months

In 3 months, the team will be able to develop the first version of the product, converting the MVP to a ready-to-market marketplace. The focus will be put on

  • the marketplaces, both for primary and secondary sales,
  • the multi payment methods including the wallet integration,
  • the NFTs minting
  • the profile page

Complementary, the team will pursue customers for this and next year, to establish a solid customer base to start evangelizing NFTs for IRL applications.


Sesame, Headquartered in San Francisco, California

Jose T Sanchez - Founder, Business - LinkedIn

Past: UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship studies. Strategy & Operations consultant for two years. 1st startup in Spain - Accelerated by Lanzadera, biggest accelerator in Spain - 1 year. Aerospace engineering by background

Léa Segretain - Founder, Marketing - LinkedIn

Past: UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship studies. Marketing and Sales Manager - 3 years. Philosophy and marketing by background

Jose Ricardo Perez - Founder, Technology - LinkedIn

Past: Full stack developer. Ex-uber. Ex-BBVA. Tech Lead in 3 startups. 7 years of experience in Computer Science technologies. Computer Science by background

**Note: Planning to include at least one more developer to the team if the funds are received

Metrics for success

Number of events acquired

Number of [tickets,i.e, NFTs] sold

Number of NFTs traded in the secondary market

Ratio [users claiming their NFTs / total number of tickets sold]** over time

**As explained above, Sesame wants to sell tickets as NFTs, but do not want to establish a barrier to users who are not blockchain users. That way, every ticket sold will be an NFT, but if the user pays in Fiat in a traditional procedure (sign in with mail - pay in fiat - PDF ticket), the NFT will be stored till it is claimed. We expect this ratio increases over time to be close to 1 in the next few years.

External links

Link to Sesame - Investor Deck


Sesame is trying to build something huge here. Yes, there are some NFTs marketplaces. Yes, there are a lot of ticket marketplaces. But, what we are pursuing is not only the first NFT marketplace focused on live events in the world. We are pursuing many things:

  • We want to apply blockchain technology to solve real world problems
  • We want to evangelize blockchain technology and NFTs to people who would never use it. How do we want to do it? By applying the tech to daily life activities, such as buying a concert ticket
  • We want to offer the best user experience when attending a live event, and we believe NFTs can make that possible. We understand NFTs as the definite instrument to increase engagement, build community, gamify the event, acquire additional packages, and a large etcetera that will come up in the next months / years
  • We want not only to stop here. We believe NFTs are a worthy collectable memory. We want people to access our social platform and remember they went to the Super Bowl final ten years ago, or that they are going to Burning man next month. We want people to share their memories and experiences with friends, building community by sharing and trading experiences.
  • We want to stop here, because we are aware this is too much. We are starting from the beginning, with the marketplace. But, we want to build a strong community, a solid platform, and in a couple of years, don’t look just to IRL events. If we sell tickets in the real world, why don’t we explore the metaverse? Why not only sell tickets, but to promote events? This is far from now, but it will come. The presented project, the asked funds, is a representation of the beginning. But huge things will come afterwards.

Harmony is a project that can add value. It should be supported on the condition that there are officials from harmony in the multisig, who are released after the project has completed various stages.

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Hi @ahmetgumustekin
Yes, I think that this project could drive users to the Harmony ecosystem. Regarding the presence of officials on the project, I would be more than happy to include them in the development of the project, thank you for the suggestion!

This is actually a very good product that have the potential to resonant with our Timeless Wallet. Cheers!!


Hi Sesame team,

This proposal sounds promising and fits best to the Launch grant based on the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit.
We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet,
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs,
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit,
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion),
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process).

Moreover, we recommend a 5-out-9 multisig account on Gnosis Safe with 3 governors from the project team, 3 governors from the project community, and 3 governors from Harmony DAOs – namely, ONEcommunityDAO, ONEdeveloperDAO, ONEincubatorDAO.

Can we agree to the above terms?

Hi @HarmonyUniverse ! Thank you for considering the project, and asking about the Launch grant terms.

As I can see in the structure you shared with me, it seems that the milestone break down does not apply strictly to our project, due to the fact that the structure you shared is more related with teams that are building their own DAO or projects that will need from a constant interaction between the platform and customers.

In our project, we are applying NFTs to solve a real life problem. We are using the collectable & memory part of the NFT, but we really will use them to give decentralisation, transparency and traceability to the ticketing industry, and create new opportunities to increase user experience before, in and after the event is taking place.

That said, we think that our key KPIs will not be DAU/MAU, but other ones that are more aligned with the marketplace model:

  1. Number of events acquired
  2. Number of tickets sold
  3. Number of NFTs traded in the secondary market
  4. Number of users claiming their NFTs vs number of tickets sold

And the scope of the project, at least for the early days, will be focused on three main milestones:

  1. Create a marketplace that is able to sell tickets, and mint an NFT for each of them.
  2. Acquire first customers
  3. Selling our first tickets

This scope is what we feel that match better within the bounty grant, due to the fact that we are far from forming a DAO, or having 10k DAU.

With all that said, I would be more than happy to hear your impressions on my response, discuss further steps, and how milestones or allocations will be managed to allow us complete the scope of the project.

PS. The team is working in Berkeley right now, and we are starting to test our no code MVP with our first clients. Here you can watch a DEMO for that MVP, to start visualising the product we are talking about. -Please notice it is an MVP, very few features and poor UIUX-

Thank you for your time!

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Thank you Jose. In that case can you please let us know the justification for a $60K bounty?

Hi @HarmonyUniverse, thank you for the question.

As stated in the application, the first steps of the business are the following ones:

• create the marketplace
• start the business
• gain first customers
• selling our first tickets - planned to be happening in the beginning of summer

For that purpose, we need to accomplish the following product milestones:

• the marketplaces, both for primary and secondary sales,
• the multi payment methods including the wallet integration,
• the NFTs minting
• the profile page

With all this developed, we will be ready to grow and create a more robust product, developing the dynamic NFTs, the social profile and starting planning to introduce DAOs (points 5, 6 and 7 of the application, in the key features section)

With this context in mind, the grant will be divided in four different milestones. Three FTE people will be working on the project, two FTE for software development and 1 FTE to grow the business and take first customers for the product to start making an impact. Taking this into account, HR spending will be amounted in 55,000$ in total, with an average cost of 38.2$/hour, and it is going to be distributed as follows:

Milestone 1 | Marketplaces – Primary and secondary trades
Time estimation: 6 weeks
Allocation: $27,500 - 720 hours
Activity description: Create the marketplace, for primary sales (event – consumer transaction) and secondary sales (consumer – consumer). Enable FIAT payment methods.

Milestone 2 | Multipayment – Integration of Harmony wallet
Time estimation: 2 weeks
Allocation: $9,170 - 240 hours
Activity description: Enable crypto payment. Integration with Harmony wallet to work with transactions paid in ONEs. Here we include the process to separate payments in crypto and fiat, but offer the same user experience no matter the payment method

Milestone 3 | NFT minting
Time estimation: 2 weeks
Allocation: $9,170 - 240 hours
Activity description: Creation of NFTs related with past, present and future events. Enable auto creation for users depending on art, self-creation (by event organizers and artists) and airdrop. Minting provided within the platform

Milestone 4 | Profile page – Upload and share publicly NFTs
Time estimation: 2 weeks
Allocation: $9,167 - 240 hours
Activity description: Creation of profile page, so the user is able to see his NFTs in a private portal. Enable sharing with friends and show in public profile page. Portal to manage privileges (upselling NFTs for privileges inside events).

Cross allocations

The remain amount -$5,000- is aimed to cross allocations such as
• Infrastructure
• Software tools
• UI design outsourcing
• Formation programs and tutorials
• Contingency

That is the budget breakdown. I hope it has solved all your questions. If that is not the case, please let me know and I will be pleased to keep answering all your doubts.

Thank you for your time!

Hey community, hi again!

We are happy to introduce you to our MVP, the first product we want to start gaining traction with!
Here is the link -
NOTE. We have changed the name to Crycket, so we will no more be named after Sesame :slight_smile:

Talking about the product, it covers these features:

  1. Create/edit an event
  2. Book some tickets for an event (Still not processing payments). Only primary market (organizer - market)
  3. Consult events data (people going, number of tickets sold…)

As next features, we will:

  1. Include QR generator and scanning
  2. Process payments in FIAT
  3. Enable secondary market
  4. Process payments in crypto - Connect to wallet
  5. Mint NFTs

As minting NFT should take time to come, we will do an airdrop to the people who are already purchasing regular tickets, so everyone is included in the marketplace of the future!


Where could you take this project with an start of 10K grant?

Hello @jbeltran

Adjusting our activity to the milestones above descibed, and given that the primary marketplace is already built in a nocode tool, we could develop the milestone 2 with the 10k grant.

This includes enabling crypto payments by integrating the Harmony wallet.

The team would develop this feature, and then work on the multi payment management system from the back end.

Thank you for your interest!

Thank you. That’s a good one. You have my yes here.

Thank you very much for your support @jbeltran

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Hey Jose! Fue un placer conocerte y hablar de tu proyecto en Rio! Creo que va ser una aplicación chida cuando ya está lista.

Approved for 10K by Danny & Juan per Project Y.

Hey @dcarranza!

It was a pleasure for me as well to get to know you in Rio.

Thank you very much to you and Juan for approving the proposal, hope we can build great things together!

Grant of 66,666 ONES received.

Thank you Harmony and thank you @dcarranza and @jbeltran for the trust.

We’ll keep you posted!


Hello/ Hola!

Espero que vaya todo bien.
¿Cómo va el proyecto?
¿Podemos ver algún avance al respecto?

Impacientes de ver avances.


Hola @jbeltran !

Espero que vaya todo bien por allí también.
El proyecto sigue desarrollándose en su fase inicial o MVP, ya que tomamos la decisión de hacer un pivote zoom-in sobre una funcionalidad del producto general.

El motivo del pivote es que, después del proceso de customer discovery y la recogida de feedback por parte de potenciales usuarios, del acercamiento a festivales de música y eventos deportivos para captar early adopters, y del estudio de competencia, nos dimos cuenta de que no éramos capaces de ofrecer nada superior a las soluciones existentes que ya tienen una cuota de mercado potente, debido fundamentalmente a que nuestra principal propuesta de valor -marketplace combinado con red social / comunidad- no se ha podido validar.

Siendo así, el equipo decidió enfocar el proyecto hacia una feature que se venía desarrollando: creación de NFTs y subida a blockchain. Es decir, el equipo está trabajando en una herramienta Nocode con la que los equipos creadores de colecciones masivas de NFTs puedan crear sus NFTs, subirlos a la blockchain y crear una web para su minteo, sin escribir una sola línea de código.

Por el momento estamos en fase de customer discovery, ideando MVPs ágiles para validar las hipótesis creadas, y posteriormente pasaremos a desarrollar producto. Os comparto un MVP de este mes con el que se encuestó a usuarios potenciales de la app:

Os seguiremos actualizando. Si tenéis más dudas, por favor comentadme.