Tranquility City - Metaverse on Harmony

1. Tranquility City

2. Type of funding

Product launch/investment

3. Proposal overview

We are a team of passionate developers that would like to build a metaverse on the Harmony blockchain. The project is called Tranquility City. We took inspiration from a lot of other succesful and cool projects that we found around the blockchains (such as: Aurory, Habbo, XYA etc.)

Our goal is to have an instanced type game where players can own their private housing and meet up with friends in common areas such as a community center and enjoy various activites together such as casinos. You would be also able to invite your friends over to your private housing. Also, the housing would be completely customizable by buying items on the in-game market.

The complete game consists of the following components:

  1. Private housing (NFTs) - 2500 + 1 total
  2. Playable characters (NFTs) - 10000 character NFTs (with special statuses)
  3. LUMEN token - the main currency for in-game purchases

Our aim is to provide a space for Harmonauts to play together with their friends and have fun.

We are currently developing the CLOSED BETA that will allow whitelisted community members to try out the game and provide us with feedback. After the CLOSED BETA is done, we will do an OPEN BETA for everyone to take part in (up to the limit that we will decide later). Once the feedback is implemented, we will start the minting for all components of the game and we will launch the token and then everyone will be able to play the game. We haven’t decided yet if we would allow more than 10000 people at one time since there are only 10000 NFTs. If the community wants it, we will allow discounted minting of character NFTs with lesser statuses.

We are currently in the inception phase and we don’t have a lot of users:

Discord - 32 members
Telegram - 45 members

We have a working prototype that you can currently see in the trailer (we will post links below).
You can currently log in your MM account, you will be prompted to select your character, and then you will be sent to the community hub. In the community hub you can see the other players that have also connected and you can also chat with them. Right now the community hub is just a small pub on the beach but we will be expanding upon it when necessary. We plan to model the entire beach, the surrounding areas and all the other parts of the city.

All the houses, apartments and pieces of furniture/decorations have been created from 0 using Blender.

The game itself is being developed in Unity.

We are looking into ways to prove ourselves to the community without doxing ourselves dirrectly. A way we thought would strike the right balance would be to dox ourselves through someone. Crypto Gainz (a community validator) has approached us and asked us for some help with his personal projects and we proposed to him that he could dox for us to the Harmony team instead of paying us for our help. If the community thinks this is a good way to add legitimacy to our project, we will pursue this avenue.

4. Team
There are currently 2 of us developing this game. Myself (0xsparkles) - as Solidity dev and general back end development and Beaver as 3D modeller and game developer.

We are both developers and we are passionate about blockchains. We have been working on multiple projects throughout our lives and we have accumulated the required experience to bring this vision we have to reality.

You can contact us on Telegram and Discord

0xsparkles Telegram - @zeroxsparkles
Beaver Discord - Beaver#5940
Twitter -

5. Proposal ask

We would need somewhere between 50K-100K USD.

We would be using the money to hire more devs/artists and pay for development costs (server fees, assets, etc.). For instance, we would like to have a sound designer because this area is something we are personally lacking in.

6. Justification

We are a small team of developers that are working on the project part time, in the afterhours from our full time jobs. We would like to improve the quality of the visuals and functions of the game, but that, for us alone, would take a long time. We would like to expand our team and to bring in some professional help when it comes to areas such as music which we do not have experience working on. We would also like to launch a product with as little errors / bugs as possible, for that, it would be great if a professional could help review our code/audit us. This as well costs money. It is not possible to develop a metaverse by yourself, hence our application for the fund.

One thing to note is that we both have full time jobs for now and we are developing this entirely in our free time which is also something to keep in mind for our justification for this funding proposal.

7. Metrics for success

Our personal milestones are:

  1. 500 users across platforms before the CLOSED BETA
  2. 1000-1500 users across platforms before the OPEN BETA
  3. As much as possible for the launch of the game
  4. A DAO for the community of our game

8. External links


Im all for a metaverse on Harmony! Id love to see this gain traction…


@0xsparkles great looking start with the web assets. The POC fits the Launch category. Will you guys be able to abide by the Launch guidelines in Apply for Grants or DAO?

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users

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