Natus System Brazil

Name of Project

Natus System

Proposal overview

Natus system has the purpose to build an environmental legacy using web3 tools to help conservation efforts around the world. Starting in Brazil and Costa Rica.


We created a proof-of-concept in which we tokenized 5 PPAs (privately protected areas - the strongest conservation legal instrument in Brazil). With that, we’re raising resources to conserve 9.179.500 square meters.

For every PPA, we tokenized their square meter, and hired an external team to do an environmental inventory, stating the collective benefits we all get from preserving these areas. With this information, we created the Natus Unit (NTSU), a token that represents 1 square meter of PPAs and carries the environmental benefits related to CO2, biodiversity and water resources on them.

Every person interested in helping the conservation movement in Brazil, can purchase NTSU and help build an environmental legacy. We sold each NTSU for $1, as a proof-of-concept

For now, NTSU’s are non-transferrable. They are an act of support, and they entitle you to become part of the Natus community.

The phase 2 of the project is to engage our community of artists that is producing digital art for the Natus NFT collection. We’re going to airdrop Natus NFTs to NTSU holders, and also have a special collection that will be used to raise funds for the Natus System.

After Ethereum Rio, I really believe madnfts and harmony are the right place for us to deploy this solution and continue to learn as we build. We share similar values and have a common purpose.

The feature on madnfts to pay with credit card helps on usability, and harmony’s scalability + lower fees are really important for us.


  • Engage artists on Natus NFT sale

  • Distribute resources to the 5 pioneer PPAs so they can invest in the conservation/management plan

  • Bring other PPAs to the Natus System

  • Review the tokenomics model and reflect if NTSU could be used for offsetting carbon footprints

  • Build a Play2Earn layer on top of the tokenized PPAs (this will aim to use the metaverse to acctually improve our reallity, and not only as a way to “escape” reality), where people will Play2Conserve (this will be in partnership with Play4Change DAO)

Proposal ask

How much: For this next stage, we would like 40k USD, as part of project Y

For what:

20k on tech, to develop and integrate madnfts with the current Natus System.

15k on education and community building efforts, such as online events, meetups and content to engage our community and have a successful Natus NFT engagement.

5k to engage the current artist community

Metrics for success

Members: 400 (This is the amount of people that already bought NTSU from June 2021 until now) - With the grant we aim to raise this number at least to 2.000 members.

Revenue from NTSU sold: $2750 - We would like to grow revenues 5 to 10x.

Protected Areas involved: 5 (Brazil) - 9.179.500 square meters - - We would like to add 5 new PPAs to the Natus system

Self investment: $100.000

Artists involved: TBD (we’re currently working with collectives in Brazil and Switzerland)

Number of Natus NFTs distributed: TBD

Natus NFTs sold: TBD

Amount raised with NFT sale: TBD

Our key metrics would be increasing revenue trough Natus NFTs. With that, we will be able to distribute resources for the current PPAs, add more PPAs to the Natus System

External links


Natus team now shares the same core team as cambiatus , with other members from different organizations joining us.

At Cambiatus, we’re a team of seasoned impact entrepreneurs, with 5+ years of experience in the blockchain industry, winning awards like Blockchain 4 Humanity and finalists at the Top Tier Impact Awards in 2021.

Karla Cordoba - Cambiatus and Natus co-founder , Shuttleworth Foundation fellow, Singularity University Alumni
Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho - Cambiatus and Natus co-founder, PHD in economics

Flavio Ojidos - Environmental Lawyer, PPA Owner, Natus co-founder

Enrico Bauer - Former CEO of Yepeal, Natus Advisor

Luiz Eduardo Abreu Hadad - Lead community builder, surfer, eth rio volunteer, reiki healer

Julien Lucca - Lead Blockchain Developer

Henrique Buss - Full-stack web developer -

Juliana Ramos - UX Designer

Rafaela Chadud - UX Designer

Criscia Cesconetto - Content creator

External links

Media coverage about the project: Sistema Natus lança token para manter reservas ambientais privadas


Amazing proposal!
I approve - Project Y


Great Proposal! Glad you were able to submit it! I approve this as a Harmony Y project. Congratulations!


Thanks for approving it! It will be a pleasure working with you guys! Let’s get started :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the approval Novee! :pray:

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Fantastic news! Thanks @luizhadad for moving this and thank you Boris and Novee for the approvals


Pura vida guys! We are advancing with our first Natus collection… and we are negotiating a partnership with - Brazil biggest exchange with more than 3M members. They are interested on helping with the launch and selling impact driven NFTs as part of their ESG program…

Someone from their tech team want to get in touch with someone from Harmony-Madnfts just to check the details of how to mint and transfer our NFTs… any suggestion on who can help us with this?

Thanks a lot! @Boris_Polania @Ru-MADNFT if you guys can help us out would be amazing :call_me_hand:


Aloha @Boris_Polania @Ru-MADNFT @Joshllwills any toughts on how to integrate MADnfts with Mercado Bitcoin? We need this info ASAP to close the partnership deal with them.

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So I’ll have @Joshllwills and @Jacob take a look at this as well, give them a few hours as they are on UK time.

But someone from their team can reach out to us via DM here, any of our socials: Twitter @MADNFTS_io, or email

Off the top, I can tell you that when minted the NFTs are HRC-1155 tokens.

Just sent and email to from , thanks for your attention @Ru-MADNFT :call_me_hand:


Hello there! @Ru-MADNFT (it looks like we are almost cousins) thanks for the help… a couple of basic but important questions:

  1. Since the NFTs on MAD are not minted until they are purchased, what would be your recommendation to create them and promote them in a platform like Mercado Bitcoin? should Mercado Bitcoin buy them and resell them? should we buy them ourselves and then transfer somehow them to Mercado Bitcoin? Or is there any other way to cover the minting before hand?

  2. I was studying the FAQ and discovered that is not possible to gift or send NFTs. We have two goals with our first drop, one is rewarding our current members, which means we don’t expect them to buy the NFTs but to receive them. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

  3. Do we also need to go through all the steps to get verified?

Thank you for the patience with the basic questions!

On the good news on our side we have 12 artists that are going to be participating in the Natus drops… from Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. I facilitated the first workshop in Spanish for the Costa Ricans yesterday and everyone was super excited. So going strong!

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Haha :joy: yes! I have the Americanised version Cordova, without going too deep on my life story… as you may know many Pueblo peoples took on Spanish names here in the SW post-inquisition, as the many cultures further merged. My fathers family lived in the 4 corners area for many generations, and the somewhere along the line a, undoubtedly very handsome :sunglasses:, mestizo Cordoba made his way up here and married into the tribe!
Practically cousins for sure!

I can answer most of these! I love when that happens.

You got it! “Lazy minting” as it’s know, but I prefer the term ‘effective minting’.

So nothing gets minted on chain until a purchase is made. However it should be noted the files for any NFT uploaded to MAD are pinned to ipfs (hosting servers) when the drop is submitted, small detail but worth noting.

For Mercado I was looking into their platform today and there are a few potential ideas. It would be helpful to maybe jump on a call and peg down the details of your partnership with them, I could potentially be available Thursday for this.
First we can look at what token standards their current marketplace supports and see if we can help facilitate sending NFTs there. Of course we don’t lock in our creators in any way, so if you need to launch a separate series using their tech or something like that we wouldn’t hold you back in any way, but I know your also committed to building within the Harmony ecosystem. We could also potentially take another approach with embedding links to your current drop if that is of interest.

  1. I was studying the FAQ and discovered that is not possible to gift or send NFTs. We have two goals with our first drop, one is rewarding our current members, which means we don’t expect them to buy the NFTs but to receive them. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

So it seems that FAQ has some outdated information :man_facepalming:t4: @Jacob and I need to do an overhaul for our most recent updates. You actually CAN gift or send NFTs using the current platform. Under “manage drops” you should see an option to ‘send NFT’. Each creator account has 100 free ‘airdrops’ to start.

Note: as of this post you can only send via email delivery, the recipient will receive a redemption link with instructions, and after redemption the NFT can be sent to a wallet that supports 1155, or be saved/viewed on the MAD platform. In about 2 weeks with our next airdrop you’ll be able to drop directly to a wallet address if desired.

  1. Do we also need to go through all the steps to get verified?

You mean for an account for Natus specifically? Yes, but the process is very quick once your profile is submitted! You can also ping us once it’s it and we’ll do our best to expedite approval.

If you want you manage sub accounts, like those for creators working with you, I might recommend an ambassador account. This would allow you to split commissions in a trustless fashion as NFTs are sold, and you could run/assist with onboarding or uploading processes for potentially collabs you mention.

Hello @Ru-MADNFT

I’m Juliana and I belong to the Cambiatus team :wink:

I’m creating the first drop in the Cambiatus account and I would like a clarification, see if you can help me…

This first drop of ours will contain 300 NFTs (3 arts being 100 units of NFTs of each art)
But of these 300 NFTs, 218 will be sent as a gift and 82 will be destined for sale.

In this case, do I have to create different drops? a drop with 218 NFTs that will be destined for sending “gifts” and another drop containing 82 to be sold?

Or can I just create a drop containing the 300 NFTS and then do this distribution?

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We are gonna take a quick look, normally each account has 100 free airdrops but since you just need a little over 200 for now we should be able to up it for you real quick.

I would definitely make this one drop so all the assets share the same contract ID and will be easily searchable and you’ll be able to utilise things like utility gating for the whole group of owners a little more easily.

Thank you so much @Ru-MADNFT

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Me again @Ru-MADNFT :grin:

one more question, can I create the drop and then edit the information of “subcategories” and “donation percentage”?
Well, I’m still not sure about this information. So I would like to know if I can edit them after creating the drop.

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You can start a drop and then edit it up until you click the submit button on the final page!

Thank you so much Andrew

Hi Guys :smiley:

The 1st Drop of Natus NFTs was created :seedling::green_heart::tada:
And we are very happy to share it with you
We invite everyone to Access this link and react with :heart: and :rocket:

Thank you so much for all your help and support during this initial creation process :blush::v::orange_heart:

Hi. Your project is very interesting and socially significant. Please tell me which tool did you use to create Natus Unit (NTSU) token?