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Hello @Ru-MADNFT
How are you?

Could you ask me a question please?

We have a scenario where a user has registered in our database with e-mail A. And we are going to use this email to send the NFTs links.

But this user already had an account on MADnft with e-mail B.

Then he will have to create a new madnft account using e-mail A, leaving him with two accounts.

In this case, can this user transfer the NFT from account A to account B?

Hello Juliana, our new platform update is coming out in the next 2 weeks where you’ll have full tradability between accounts. I’m not sure if your request is time sensitive or not but this tradability is coming very soon and your user will be able to send the NFT to his main account, hope that helps!

Thank you very much it will help a lot @Joshllwills @Ru-MADNFT

Could you help me with one more question please: We have already sent the NFTs that would be used as a gift. We would like to make 82 units of NFTs available for sale. It would be possible?

Hello @Ru-MADNFT @Joshllwills

Please could you help me?

We still have 102 NFTs, 20 of which I need to send as a gift and the other 82 we would like to make available for sale.

I went to try to send the 20NFTs as a gift now and it appeared that I had no more sending limit.

Can you help me with this please? :pray: :blush:

Hello, @Ru-MADNFT how are you?

Please, could you help us with this?