Harmony Forest

I want to create a platform on Harmony where developing world landowners can create digital subdivisions of their land through a harmony one smart contract- receive funding for their undeveloped land- disincentivizing further destruction, and decentralising ownership to prevent development, and incentivise long term protection of intact ecosystems, repair of damaged and overdeveloped land and ultimately protect primary forest and fight the effects of climate change.

I am not a programmer and so I need help here. This is just something I want to see happen in the world. I know at least one landowner of an enormous stretch of primary rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon who is interested, and open to the idea and would be a willing test case, but I need some help to get this off the ground. Anyone here also think it is not a crazy idea? Anyone here want to join forces and try and get this funded for development with me?

Thank you for sharing this. This is definitely an important topic. My recommendation to you is to flesh out this idea more. Actually think about what the product would be. You don’t have to be a programmer but you need to be able to articulate a plan, milestones, and deliverables. Once you’ve fleshed that out, you can assemble a team. Spend time on our Discord channels and get to know developers in the community. There are many who are hungry and willing to work on important projects. Once you’ve made some progress, we can discuss how Harmony can help with grants, technical support etc.

We have a passionate community of thinkers, builders, and designers and I encourage you to amplify your ideas and turn it into a real project with members of the community. You can do it!