Need developers for crazy idea

Want to build on Harmony or create a few new level 1 tokens like harmony to then bridge in. Don’t want to give full idea out yet but I believe we need something like this for a global reason.

Please I need help design and build my ideas.


Will be launching a demo and roadmap soon need some developers. Global changes, calling both blockchain and web 3.0 site designers.


This project will require multi level authentication.

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I’m following this thread, my name is Juan.

Blockchain developer but new on Harmony.

We can chat soon.


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We are in need of designers to help setup and deploy a zero knowledge proof concept for validation. The end points of both parties, is the key to our world. The parties in question would be END USER and the other end is Companies of all types. The reason we require this is because we lack this feature in web1 and web2 that prevents fraud of this data. If we keep designing blockchain the same way the current systems are setup we will create the same flaws that allow companies to data mine us with no compensation or verification of data from either end. Not to mention we prevent ourselves from controlling all our information. Every blockchain that is getting designed has many benefits but they all lack the same concept of end user validation and company end point validation. Anyone can currently create or fake peoples IDs, alive or dead your information is reused many times over. Nothing in our world currently prevents this. We have so many systems and each one of those systems in turn sells your data to the others or somehow gets hacked to lose all your information to another. With this design we are wanting to build we put the end user in mind of all aspects. What is our world without the end user? Once this system is designed the api from the system can be used to validate and manage every aspect of the end user. ID verification / Medical information storage/ API to tie in the world and much more. Please msg our team or post a comment in this post if you believe the same as us. We are looking for like minded people.

Hello all

We have started the demo project. We believe there is major need for the mechanism we want to build to protect all end users. The issue with our current Authentication & Validation system in our world is its built on web1 and web2 design, which has many flaws when you try to apply that tech to blockchain. Web3 design needs a new system to protect all end users security and data we believe we have the solution. We will be publishing a draft design of our mechanism on our site and here in the post within the coming weeks. We would like to get approval for the Harmony team and all follows of the new world to build and design this project with end users in mind.