Developer doc new structure and improvement proposal

Hi All,

As you all aware of, our developer docs ( is not very well structured, contains outdated information, and needs a lot of examples to improve the developer experience on Harmony. Towards this end, we started looking into defining a better structure, including some of the key aspects of developing on Harmony (for both web3 and web2 developers), and provide clear examples. Below is the draft of the structure. We would love to hear your feedback and anything we can add/remove to further optimize the impact. Also, going forward, we will externalize to get your contributions and suggestions in the form of GitHub PRs. We will also put forth an incentivization mechanism to encouraging providing quality content and eventually a community driven documentation.

  • Getting Started
  • Network & Faucet
  • Deploying on Harmony
    • Using Remix
    • Using Truffle
    • Using Hardhat
    • Using Ganache
  • API
    • Blockchain
    • Account
    • Transaction
    • Contract
    • Staking
    • Filter
  • SDKs
    • Getting Started
      • Ethereum
        • Web3.js
        • Ethers.js
      • Harmony Specific
        • Harmony-JS
        • Go-SDK
        • PyHmy
        • HarmonyJ
  • Libraries
    • Ethereum
      • Web3-React
    • Harmony
      • Harmony-React
      • Horizon SDK
  • Wallets
    • Getting Started
    • Using Metamask
    • Onewallet
  • Oracles
    • Chainlink
    • Band
  • Indexing
    • The Graph
  • Contribute
    • Hackathon
    • Bounties
  • Learn
    • Tutorials
    • How-to-do
    • Sandbox
    • Local Environment

Looks great @ganesha. I have no comments other than maybe adding Why Harmony? section that would describe selling points of the blockchain but I suppose that this is kind of covered by other parts of the website.

I like Learn section and surely this is where community contribs will be very important. I am looking forward to open source version where everyone can add a piece :slight_smile:

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I think this is a great start and I think the Gthub PRs would definitely work.

We have resynced with GitHub - harmony-one/docs-home: Harmony Documentation. Now, contributions can be directly made by editing and making a PR to GitHub - harmony-one/docs-home: Harmony Documentation.