NFT² Elite Pad - NFT launch pad

Name of Project / DAO / Company

NFT² Elite Pad

Application Type

Product Launch

Proposal overview

NFT² is the project that aims to fully explore the potentials of NFTs, more than just static crypto assets. NFT² Elite Pad will be the first product developed by NFT² that will help address the whitelist - currently the most pain point in NFT industry.

The whitelist was initially aimed to give the early contributor a safe position to mint the NFT without engaging in the gas war. But as time goes by, since demand is much greater than supply, most quality projects now use whitelists with extensive and annoying hoops for users to jump through. Some make users solve puzzles, other force fake engagement, some even sell merch for whitelisting.

Thus, we propose NFT² Elite Pad - a fully decentralized NFT launch pad for elite NFT owners. It aims to change the current whitelisting mode for NFT projects from PoW (Proof of Work) to PoS (Proof of Stake):

  1. Gather the authorization and subscription from blue-chip NFT owners, build the market attraction and social impact.
  2. Allow new NFT projects to create raffle bucket at the launch pad by giving some whitelist.
  3. Blue-chip NFT owners can claim free raffle ticket to engage in the whitelisting raffling.

The product is expected to have the following attributes:

  1. Transparency: All steps are written in smart contract with full transparency.
  2. Influential: The application has users with a number of blue chip NFT owners, make the application the ideal place for new projects to get the initial attraction.
  3. Incentivized: User will get some free raffle tickets when authorizing the NFT, making it beneficial to participate in NFT authorization and whitelisting.
  4. True randomness: By using harmony VRF, create a true random selection algorithm no one can predict.

Multi-chain specification

  1. Blue chip (elite) NFTs are limited to NFT projects on Ethereum which have the highest transaction volume according to OpenSea transaction data.
  2. New NFT projects does not have any chain limitations. It can be projects on all blockchains - Ethereum, Harmony, Solana, Polygon, e.t.c.
  3. The raffle process and smart contract will be on Harmony, served as a gas saving layer 2 solution. A relayer will be built to relay the user signature of authorization from Ethereum to Harmony.

Good for Harmony NFT Ecosystem

This product will build the community of the most active and elite NFT players who are at the most frontier in the NFT industry. Since the project will be launched on Harmony, it will surely bring their attraction to the harmony NFT ecosystem.

Proposal ask

$50K Launch

$30K for product development, and $20K for marketing and community.

Metrics for success

  1. Week 1-3: Product development and testnet deployment.
  2. Week 4-5: Alpha test, mainnet deployment, and Beta test.
  3. Week 6-10: Product launch and start marketing and building community.
  4. First month after launch: Gather 1k users.
  5. Second month after launch: DAO launch, grow for more users and more projects.

External links

Our demo for NFT² at EthDenver Hackathon: NFT²

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Peep what we are building a genadrop (dot) com, an nft launch pad for generative drops

Looks like cool tool for onboarding new artists.

I think the NFT community will appreciate the transparent whitelist process for new NFT launch, especially on-chain using Harmony’s VRF function to do the raffle. Good idea!

It can be a good addition of NFT tooling/infra on Harmony and benefit the entire NFT ecosystem. Needs more collaboration with existing NFT community to make this project a success story.

Thanks for your positive feedback, Leo! With Harmony low gas fee and true randomness, the tooling is definitely going to be cheap and easy to use. Moreover, it can be more than a tooling - gathering the community of the most active and elite NFT players which will eventually bring attraction and new projects to harmony NFT ecosystem (E.g. Special promotions to new NFT project launched on Harmony). Looking forward to more feedbacks. Thanks!

approving this grant together with @verali

Hi @Jacky - checking in on status from this proposal and if launched on mainnet and dappradar listed?