NFT for a Governmental level project. Trustee wallet Port application by nv

Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that Harmony One integration is in its final stages. We are in the testing phase and you are welcome to join us.

Test version:
iOS: Join the Trustee Wallet bitcoin wallet beta - TestFlight - Apple
Android APK: 1058.apk - Google Drive

Now Trustee users will be able to:

  1. Receive ONE to addresses 0x… and one1…
    To switch the address, go to Receive on the ONE page

  1. Receive and send tokens on the ONE blockchain, as well as add custom tokens using the smart contract address in the MORE tab

  1. Receive and send NFT on the ONE blockchain

  1. Exchange cryptocurrencies to ONE or vice versa in the SWAP section

We will be glad to receive feedback.


Hi @taki183
I have already checked iOS application and found some bugs:

Coin pair is reset to default in SWAP section

  • In section wallet add coin “ONE”;
  • Then Click on option “ONE” → user redirected to ONE wallet page
  • Click on option “Buy”
  • Click “Continue” on Info screen → user redirected to SWAP page
  • Check pair of coins which are selected

Actual result:

Should be selected ONE in this pair because user select option to buy ONE


@Ivan1 Thanks for testing and commenting, this can really happen when exchange providers have a pair with a coin disabled. In this case, the BTC-ETH is the default pair.


Thanks @taki183 - Is there a way to display a message or error when this occurs instead of a default pair?

Another question - I noticed that when I send a transaction, the transaction confirmations displays zero. I have to exit the transaction and come back in to see the 20+ confirmation. Can we do anything to display the successful confirmations without having to exit and come back into it?

Aside from that, I want to say thank you for sharing the test flight version of the wallet. If there’s anything we can do about those two above that’d be great. If not, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the latest release of Trustee!

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@dpagan-harmony Hello, thanks for the comments. I think that we will release this version to the public soon as it is not critical points that are related to the features of the Trustee.

As for updating the number of confirmations, this is due to the allowed number of requests to the node, and so that the node does not block the user’s request, the scanning does not happen all the time. But I think that in the next versions we will make a decision to update information by manually swiping on this screen.

Hi @taki183 One more point regarding Trust wallet, it would be better to display a message “Lost connection” or something like this in case when Internet connection is lost on page “exchange”
Currently when connection is lost and user try to reload page infinity loading circle is shown

Hi, everyone, we are happy to announce that the Harmony ONE integration is complete. Each user can install the public version of Trustee Wallet and use the full potential of the Harmony.

Our team will be present at the event on February 19 in Kiev Harmony Builders and Creators Day in Kyiv, Ukraine, we will be happy to meet and discuss the prospects for the development of Harmony.

See you!

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the grant has been fully funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer