NFT for a Governmental level project. Trustee wallet Port application by nv

Name of Project


Application type


Proposal overview

Trustee Wallet is an innovative non-custodial multi-currency crypto-wallet with an inbuilt exchange. With it, you can send and receive virtual assets with your Visa/MasterCard.

Trustee Wallet offers cryptocurrency adepts a wide set of functions and removes obstacles in the use of cryptocurrency to newbies.

One of the innovative features that is highly important to mention for this Port application is that Trustee wallet supports multi-chain (BSC, Polygon, ETH) NFT visualisation and onchain proof of ownership (proof that the current address owns a certain NFT).

The company is a key player in Eastern Europe and we are one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto-industry. We organize training sessions for both our users and our team members.

Why I submit this proposal

My big vision is to push Harmony to be among the leading chains in industry and especially in the russian-speaking crypto community.

Moreover, I think about how I can bring Harmony to the Governmental levels programs in Ukraine, the one of the leading countries that works on adoption for crypto.

For instance, the pilot Basic course “Virtual assets” has been started already. The Trustee wallet is one of the partners for this course and it will distribute Certificates of participation in the course in the form of NFT (distributed and held on-chain, directly in the trustee app). For Harmony it’s a chance to issue those certificates on our chain. (I’m personally in touch with the guy who is responsible for NFT certificates and he confirmed to me that for him there’s no obvious reason why not to issue Harmony Certificates instead of any other chain if Harmony will be added to the Trustee. We’re also working together on the proposal for 1NFT DAO and we will post it soon)

User Metrics of Trustee

Trustee is the leading wallet in Eastern Europe (russian speaking countries) with thousands of active users form Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

The company is a key player in Eastern Europe and is one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto-industry. They organize training sessions for both users and team members.

Proposal ask


2 transactions in 50/50 value of $50k. The 1st one after approval for a grant application. The second one is after releasing discussed features integrated on Harmony chain.

Metrics for success (Deliverables)

Over the next 6-8 week the following features will be available in the app on Harmony mainnet

  • Integration for ONE and harmony based tokens (HRC-20)
  • NFT One integration, visualisation and proof of ownership
  • swap ONE to other coins directly in the app

Release ready for the end-user: Jan 2022


The demo video is linked to the image!


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Thanks for submitting this proposal on behalf of Trustee @nickv, and the additional clarification you offered on Discord! For anyone reading this, Nick clarified that Trustee CEO Vadim Hrusha will be point of contact for KYC information.

That said, I would like to propose a slight change to fund distributions.

Instead of transferring 50% of funds immediately on approval before work is performed, I wish to propose:

  1. 50% of funds on completion of the first milestone, “Integration for ONE and harmony based tokens (HRC-20)”.

  2. Remaining 50% to be distributed on completion of the other two milestones, “NFT One integration, visualisation and proof of ownership” and “Swap ONE to other coins directly in the app”.

Is that an adjustment the Trustee team will be willing to accept?

Cheers :blue_heart:

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I think it’s reasonable. I will communicate this with Trustee shortly.

Thanks @dpagan-harmony for a fast response.

A very interesting offer of cooperation


@nickv & the team of Trustee Wallet: Thank you for the conversation we had on Telegram and explaining the reason behind the need for 50% funding at the start of development.

With that said, this is approved for a Port grant of $50K. Congratulations to the team and welcome to the Harmony Ecosystem! :tada:

Looking forward to the initiative to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet over an estimated 4-8 weeks timeframe.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!


Hi everyone! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Harmony grant program.

My name is Mike and I’m from the Trustee Wallet team. I will regularly report on news and progress in our work.

In the near future we will prepare a KYC and a MultiSig wallet. I will be glad to answer all the questions of the community.


thanks @dpagan-harmony for a quick support and seamless coordination for this port

today talked to the Trustee wallet ceo about the approval for the port application. we discussed how to kyc and get funds through multisig and he invited me to be a credible multisig owner from harmony

we build together!

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Hi @dpagan-harmony. We already send KYC docs and make MultiSig Wallet.

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Hi @nickv,

Loved the proposal and good to see you getting approved!

We’re building an NFT minting service, which you can call via an API. We feel that would be easier for you to integrate and mint NFT certificates.

Read more: Avocado+ - SlothFi

Looking forward to your feedback!

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thanks for sharing that, I’ll be def review and respond you in a while

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@taki183 || We received the KYC documents for Trustee.

It looks like your multi-sig wallet is also configured. With that out of the way, next steps will be to complete and submit our invoice form (shared in chat) and your funds will be distributed. We’ll be in touch on the Trustee & Harmony Telegram chat if you have issues.

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This is good news, thanks

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the initial tranche has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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considering funds distribution on Dec 22, 2021 I’d like to ask @taki183 about the discussed ETA for the full feature product:

we talked about the end of Jan 2021 when we applied for a grant on Dec 1, but as at now, when 50% of a grant are sent on Dec 22 how this might affect the ETA?

@lij Hello, everything is fine, the first tranche from Harmony has been received and we have already started work. I will post progress updates here.

@nickv As for the ETA, we will try to meet the deadlines despite the delay in the tranche, if there are any difficulties, I will also let you know.

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Hi, community!
We have released an Alpha version with support for Harmony and custom tokens. We welcome feedback and comments.

If you have iOS, then you can install the Alpha version from this link: Join the Trustee Wallet bitcoin wallet beta - TestFlight - Apple

If you have an Android, please, write your google mail below or in PM so we can add you to testing.

Our next step is the implementation of NFT.


Привет, супер. Но для отправки one нужны eth как я понял из этого сообщения

@m1m2 Привет, спасибо за тестирование. Мы добавили поддержку основной сети Harmony, а также токен Harmony ERC20, который Вы выбрали.

В меню Добавить актив выберите оригинальную сеть, она без индексов erc20.

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Спасибо за ответ. В моей версии кошелька только один вид one

Another good review from a ru-speaker (with screens and references) - ALPHA Trustee Wallet тест драйв