This proposal propose the deprecation of for harmony validators.


For legacy reason, we used to use as a wrapper script of the harmony node binary with different network configuration support like testnet/mainnet. Since the release v2.3.4 (, the harmony binary supports the configuration file, so that the wrapper is no longer needed.

why now

  • The v2.3.4 release had been released for 2 months. It supports harmony.conf file for various network configuration.
  • The recent outage of had caused node restart issue using
  • We are moving to open governance of network upgrade. The auto-update function of is no longer needed.
  • The auto-update function of is a centralized security risk that may cause massive node outage in the network.

what’s the action

All validators should stop using to run validator nodes. You may switch to use harmony binary directly, or use AutoNode.

what’s the plan support will be completely removed by Q4 2020. The exact date will be set after the validator community approval of this proposal.

To update the harmony binary on the validator, we recommend following this repo to automate the process,

If any community member would like to contribute to additional automation of validator update process, please submit your proposal and we’d like to provide a grant on it.

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This new PR ( rewrite the It simplifies the to mainly do download and verification of the binaries.

It can be used to run node program as well. Later on to add btcrelay/ethrelay support.