On-site March 2, 2022

Here are some highlights from our on-site meeting on March 2, 2022:

Project X

  • The level of support given through this project was unique and significant to builders in the space
  • This project allowed the core team to invest and learn about the ecosystem of Harmony
  • Moving forward:
    • Let’s make sure that our team is prepared and funded before an event starts
    • Allocate a Harmony pitch session and broadcast, so projects can prepare and come to us


  • Harmony made a commitment to three DAOs at ETHDenver:
  1. 1Wallet DAO
  2. Blu3 DAO
  3. ZKU DAO


  • 1Wallet wants to bring the social aspect of both traditional messaging and group actions/ownership/purpose
  • Harmony will keep buckling down until we meet the minimum threshold of 100K daily active

Open Questions

  1. Where is the YC startup incubation model for the blockchain platform, particularly for Harmony?
  2. How do we incubate a project with a more outbound focus?
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