ONE subsidy incentive for small validators

Hello there.
Beer market is here, we know it.
WE, small validators, cannot WAGMI if the costs are going up and the rewards are going down 1/10.
So, I’d like to introduce: subsidy rewards

Subsidy rewards are provided to cover the costs of running a validator node to ensure that anyone who has the technical skill and commitment to run a good reliable small validator node can do so.
The quantity of ONE provided will be continuously adjusted by Harmony to provide a USD-equivalent value to cover good node hosting and operation costs comfortably.
To begin with, we would expect this to be approximately $250 per month for full participation in [ consensus ]. As we expect that these incentivized nodes will be signing practically at 100%.

In the same way as block rewards , the quantity of subsidy ONE will be reduced by the penalty for missed participation in consensus. From a 100% signing to a 98% rate.
Moreover, as the shard1 could be the new GameFi shard, we need also a strong incentivation from Harmony so we can deliver with excellency as node runners, like failover features and high hw specs servers that we as a small validators cannot aford now if we don’t add more costs.

I look forward to hearing from you!

One Hispano.


Hey @frwrdslosh @papi Can we support this post a little bit more. Testnet validators do not get compensated to even support the all-important testnet. Which is vital to running! We need it to check if a project works – even if it is a project looking to prototype on Harmony.

I think a really important discussion needs to be had about how to help validators. They’re the backbone of Harmony. A lot of them are actually losing money right now supporting our network, Harmony.