OneBullValidator - Validator on Harmony (Uneclected)

Validator Name

Staking Profile
(Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B)

Commission %

Infrastructure Setup

in ONE-HARMONY / 8 GB Memory / 50 GB Disk + 500 GB / SGP1 - Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64

About Us
We are team of two people at the moment located in Indonesia. One stay at Bali and second stay at Jakarta. We just think this is The Future, become Validator, New Career path, and will give us a financial freedom and have a plenty of time for the Harmony One community and family.

We love to interact with new people, educate them about blockchain, crypto, harmony one etc, we affraid if we dont educate them early, they will lost in this era digital world and poverty will be increase, its not the purpose of this technology I think, I hope :slightly_smiling_face:.

Validator Pledge
It’s very, what community give, we will give back to our family, community, thats why there are several project we will run:

  • Free Nutrision content, need to give access to all people to know what good for their health or not, we pay the writer by ourselft money.
  • Membership Reward, we want to adopt what banking industry give to their customer, we have a draft and will finalize, and will release by the end of November.
  • Our first membership reward program is give a free tour guide to our delegator who will holiday in Bali, so we can increase the tourism in Bali, balinese people who connected with this membership program can work and feed their family, and will get more economic impact in Bali.