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[Tell us about yourself and your areas of strength. What sort of work are you interested in?]

I’ve engineered Facebook campaigns for mega rock-bands like Metallica, Megadeth, for UFC fighter Conor McGregor, for Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan and for TV series The walking death and Game of Thrones.

The goal of these campaigns was to sell products licensed from these brands.

Things were on a roll until… Covid-19 hit and my stress levels skyrocketed. This lead me to a self imposed sabbatical which lead me to the world of crypto which led me here.


Why would you get me on board?

  • I speak 4 languages, so I can help people from all over the world (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese)

  • I have a degree in communication and marketing .

  • “Gas & power” innovation hackathon winner

  • I have 12 digital marketing certifications (Copywriting, community building, data analysis and conversion optimization among others) This gives me a 360 view on digital marketing and crypto

  • I love turning complicated stuff into simple words, so people understand and take action

If this sounds good, please let me know!

I’d love to help you attract, engage and convert more people into users and raving fans.

I have a couple of ideas…

By helping people connect with Harmony people. In the world of marketing you have 2 or 3 seconds to get their attention. To make them care. To want it… and to take the steps to get it.

I discovered a simple formula to do exactly that. I can help your key people share their story online. To reach thousands of people so they care about Harmony. So they want to know more!

This formula is simple and works really well.

Follow the steps, create the right content, show it to the right people… And you’ll get them engaged, interested and asking for more.

If this sounds good or if you think about other ways I could help you… just let me know


Great and easy to read. Wish you the very best in receiving a solution with Harmony!

Welcome, @Santiago_Demierre! Very excited to hear your story and have you here. I am tagging @adrianrobison - our creative and branding director. He can advise you further on a role directly with the Harmony team.

I hope you are well, and I look forward to seeing your work grow within our ecosystem!