Partners: Covalent


Name of Project


Proposal overview

Developers who use the Covalent API to access all Class A endpoints (as defined in existing Covalent
documentation) to pull on-chain data to a level that is done similarly to other blockchains that Covalent
has engaged with to date but for the scope of the agreement will be for the primary EVM shard that is
currently active


  1. Index the partner’s public blockchain exposing all Type A end points
  2. Dedicated Harmony reference page for developers, eg. Polygon page
  3. Make users of grantee’s API aware of data availability of partners blockchain data
  4. Partner to add Covalent to all developer documentation, and include Covalent in marketing
    collateral ( Pre-announcement, Post-integration)
  5. Joint announcement (Post-Integration)
  6. Conduct a joint hackathon titled 1 Million Wallets (Post-Integration)
  7. Joint marketing or promotional activities per calendar year (Post- Integration)
  8. Right of first refusal for hackathons or event sponsorship (optional, but would be nice)

End Date

The End Date shall be less than 1 elapsed year from the Effective Date of the Agreement. The Agreement
may be extended based on the mutual agreement of the Parties expressed in writing.

Proposal ask

The amount to be funded from the company to the grantee is $100,000 (USD) of crypto currency with
Harmony token also known as ONE tokens which will be paid in two tranches:

  • 50% paid as a deposit prior to any work being conducted
  • 50% paid once integration has been completed

Subsequent resources required:

  • At the end of one calendar year from the official launch date as it appears on the Harmony blog,
    should there be less than 25 projects on the network building on the Covalent API, Covalent has
    the right to request an additional USD$50,000 paid in ONE tokens to cover the scaling costs

All payments shall be made to wallet address:



A general proposed timeline is detailed as follows is to be expected, but is subject to change once work

  • Covalent will begin the indexing, and initial groundwork.
  • 1 day: An Engineer from your ecosystem will be made available to fill in informational gaps
  • 10 days: Covalent will work together to prepare documentation as well as go to market and marketing
  • 1 day: Joint announcement of the indexing including announcing to all partners in the Covalent ecosystem
    that data is now available via API.
  • 14 day promotion: Joint 1Million Wallets Hackathon.
  • 7 day feature: of partner on chain data for Alpha Alarm (@alphaalarmhq)

Metrics for success

25+ projects building on Covalent API

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Covalent is now live with support for Harmony :blue_heart:


funded: 0x3657fa41f1676ce0d4fab9934f4f6d462a8ab9ab1e1a0c6e3ca7d5e80ab07170