Pepperdine University Blockchain in-person presentation about smart contracts, and introducing Harmony as a more effective and cheaper solution than the Ethereum network

Name of Event/Project

Presentation: Smart contracts - What they can and can’t do

Proposal overview

I am giving an in-person talk and presentation about smart contracts on the Ethereum ecosystem, at a Pepperdine University Blockchain event in mid April (please message me privately for more information). Since gas fees are quite high on the Ethereum net, I wanted to provide an alternative and cheaper way to build and deploy smart contracts by introducing another blockchain that would have less fees and faster transactions than Ethereum.

If funded, I would be happy to explain the benefits of building on Harmony at the event, which may have between 50-100 people.

Proposal ask

Some cash for resources/airdrops to users who have never used Harmony, Harmony swag to give away, or any other resources that may help attendees accept Harmony.

Metrics for success

Certified blockchain developer (in Solidity) from Consensys (the company that made Metamask). Developed for NFT projects. Attended different blockchain events (Solana, ETH Denver, NFT LA).

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Hi @thecodinggal, thank you for your proposal!

To better assess the impact of the event, can you detail an exact budget, what it will be used for, and the success metrics for ROI? These metrics should be quantifiable.

Thank you!


@thecodinggal it appears this proposal has been abandoned.
The proposal will now be closed. We wish you the best in your initiatives.:blue_heart: