A few notes from the Harmony All Hands - July 26th, 2021

A few quick notes from Harmony All Hands July 26th, 2021.

  • Li just returned from EthCC in Paris. He sees better return for the ecosystem in getting embedded and involved with the people building on ethereum. From a week worth of networking, he has upwards of 10 new partners to further qualify as potential collaborators. We can and should be the first stop for multichain applications.

  • Peter is focusing on the upcoming hackathon. Registration is open until August 15th. The prize pool is $1M and the focus is on bridging traditional finance with defi. There are over 500 people already registered without a significant marketing push. Hackathon will have speakers and panels (watch for more announcements on those) and will run from August 16th until the end of September.

  • RJ answered some questions regarding block latency. As of Monday, Shard 0 was running at about 3 seconds per block. That is causing the epochs to be roughly 26 hours long (rather than roughly 18 hours). As a short term solution, the block rewards will be switched from being distributed every block (which causes a massive amount of transactions to tens of thousands of delegators) to every 64 blocks. Other solutions are in the works.