Meetup at University of Eastern Africa

Harmony Meetup at University of Eatern Africa

Proposal overview

Blockchain technologies have been finding real-world utility across Africa
and the world at large over the last years. The concept of blockchain
is still getting traction daily and use-cases are still being understood
as innovators and innovation ecosystems define new ways of bringing
blockchain technologies into the real world. What we can be certain of
is that these technologies have immense potential for addressing some
challenges that Africa faces.

Our meetup will cover up the key principles of Blockchain such as transparency, and decentralization which can address most of Challenges in our region.

The aims of our meetup include;

  • Creating massive awarness about Harmony Blockchain
  • Engaging local community developers and University Students to develop dAPPs on Harmnony Blockchain that can address some of the challenges in our Nation.
  • Grow a Harmony local community comprised of enthusiasts, developers, Blockchain advocates.

Expected participants


Funding Amount request for

  • Speakers: 2*$150 = $300

  • Logistics: $300

  • Food and Drinks: $350

  • Toatal: $950

Metrics for success

  • A google form will be created to collect participants’ information.
  • We will create a simple survery to engage the community to discover their interests in Harmony blockchain.
  • Social media platforms will be created to engage the participants, before and after the event to keep the community posted about
  • Developer student will be able to Build and develop using tools

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Good to see such enthusiasm in my region

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Will be in Nairobi and Kenya for Youth Crypto Conference this upcoming year to the beginning of next year. Hope to meet some of you soon!

Good luck!


I second @rcast171 you all are looking great! Keep grinding! Dreams happen everyday!:partying_face::100::raised_hands::innocent::facepunch::pray::dart:

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Will be grateful to see you around!

I believe in you all!

Hey @Bunia! Welcome! I am very excited that you have shared this proposal with us. Can you detail your metrics a little more clearly?

For each metric, can you detail a measurable goal? For example:
“Social media platforms will be created to engage the participants, before and after the event to keep the community posted about”


“We will onboard 25 attendees into a Harmony Telegram group, providing everyone with tutorials on how to build on Harmony, how to connect with the Harmony discord, and how to get involved with regional DAOs in Africa to further their involvement with the Harmony ecosystem”

If you have held past events, can you share the following:

  • how many attendees?
  • metrics for success
  • speakers and the topics presented

ONE more thing. Harmony is passionate about building strong relationships, and we want to really learn more about where you live, challenges you see that people face, and ways that you and the community feel web3 can make a positive impact to onboard new people, empower locals, and open the door of opportunity to ensure everyone has equal access to all things web3.

If you can include this in your proposal, that would be wonderful!

I look forward to your response!

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Thank you @Mattyontap
Will create a google form and survey to collect participants information and interests to enable us create social media groups, twitter and telegram group to onboard more than 20 participants and provide them with Harmony updates, tutorials on how to build on Harmony, how to connect with other general Harmony groups on telegram, Discord, twitter and other Harmony DAO’s in Africa.

Have hosted 2 Blockchain related meetups before, with 25 and 32 participants respectively, covered topics about Blockchain technology, web 3, Decentralized Finance, Cryptography, and Smart contracts, having David and Joan as speakers.

One of the most challenges in my region is the poor Banking system and services, a lot of paper work is required to open up Bank accounts where most of the Banks also require KRA pin (Kenya Revenue Authority Pin) to open up accounts for individuals, We feel Blockchain technology and web3 can democratize the Banking system with better services such as affordable loans and interests.

Thank you for revising the metrics, and for sharing about some of your areas of need.

What are some ways that you can address these areas in your event? Perhaps hosting a workshop to download the 1wallet, metamask, and onboarding participants to play-to-earn games on Harmony?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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Yes, one of the ways will be sharing about Defi, how to connect to Harmony network using MetaMask, staking Harmony(One) to earn passive income, connecting to dApps on Harmony network for Borrowing and Lending and to earn interests

Can you share the website for your club, as well as twitter and telegram links for you and your partners? I would like to get a chat going with you and your team


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Thanks, here are the telegram links and we would love getting on the chat with you

Approved for a $950 events budget! I am very excited to see Harmony growing in your community. Please post updates on this thread after your event!


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Thank you, we will share our event photos and Video here

funded: 0x31194c9b5ab10bee5583878c2d414c89a0ed041afcce1d0e69bc71fbffc4d3c1

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@Bunia - do you have a follow up report with videos and photos to share?

A follow up on our recent one Meetup at the University of Eastern University

Number of Participants: 24

Event Photos

During our event, we covered an Introduction to Harmony blockchain, Decentralized Finance, NFT’s One coin, Staking, and how to add Harmony network on MetaMask, some of the materials used were from Binance academy What Is Harmony (ONE)? | Binance Academy

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Oh that’s pretty cool. I take everything I said back. Well done @Wanya and well done @Mattyontap


Well done, so happy to see a successful event, and love seeing the community growing. Someday, I would be honored to join! :blue_heart:

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Woow, that sounds great, we would be glad to see you Join!!