Phlip Gamefi - Hyperaccessible gaming for web3

What is Phlip?

Phlip is a hyper Accessible web3 game with extraordinary depth of mechanics unbeknownst to the user. Simple gameplay similar to “apples to apples”, “cards agains humanity”, or “what do you meme”. Phlip is built on a bespoke scalable and expandable architecture holding a number of real world web3 solutions, and then backed and powered by proven macro economic algorithms in an effort to avoid the ponzinomics of other Web3 games.


Subconciously convert the web3/crypto ignorant through easy to use game play, allowing users to connect gameplay concepts to real world solutions.


Drive adoption of web3/crypto in the funnest ways possible.

Our Core Values

  • Gameplay trumps everything else. The game must be fun before anything else.
  • Make it EASY
  • Make it EASIER
  • Educate
  • Democratize

Phlip user demographics

  1. The crypto degens
  2. The crypto curious
  3. The guy next to you at the bar
  4. College students
  5. Comedians

The Game Plan

During this process continually acquire user data and evaluations of what the users and community want/how they use the game.

  1. Educate and build a community on English syntax through gameplay.

During preliminary testing we discovered that the average user was not great at creating cards. To remedy that we have built an alpha game variant in the discord. This is subconsciously educating the community on how to write cards that will have playable value within the game.

  1. Concurrently test and complete the base smart contracts.

Our base layer NFT’s, token contracts, controller contracts, and the innovative vesting contracts are unique to us and not merely forks of previously seen contracts. These contracts provide real world solutions in addition to game mechanics. The testing is extensive as we work to exploit and break them.

  1. Complete Alpha front end

The Alpha front end will be completed for testing and bugs as we progress towards a full functionally functional beta incorporating the communal aspects of chat and voice and the base layer DAO functionality. Upon satisfactory

  1. Mint

Initiate the mint with 85% of cards being already proven cards and leaving a portion blank for user generation.

  1. MVP rollout

  2. MLP rollout (minimum lovable product)

  3. Provide liquidity to P2E and Dao tokens

  4. Initiate Play 2 Advertise (this may happen concurrently with step 7)

  5. Begin DAO proposals for expansion

Grant allocation and usage

  1. The initial grant allocation will be devoted heavily to smart contract building and testing.

Many look at these as just a game but at the end of the day they are a financial product and deserve that level of respect paid to them.

  1. Further grant allocations will be devoted to perfecting the app and marketing for it

In accordance with the core principles it must be fun and it must be easy then it needs to be easier. Spreading the word about the game should come relatively quickly due to the simplicity and implicit viral nature of the game.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and a team member will reach out for follow up.

Please take a look at the guidelines for Launches under Apply for Grants or DAO and adjust your post accordingly. If you have more details to add, or any questions to ask please respond to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

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This proposal is approved under $10K Project Y.
Looking forward!

Essa + Flu

Approved for 10k for Essa + Flu

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Thank you all so much!

Congratulations!!! I love fun ways of engaging new audiences into web3!

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