PixelDAO Introduction + Looking for Multisigs from CommunityDAO, DeveloperDAO & Incubator DAO

Hi All!

Saint from the PixelDAO team here, as a way of introduction to this forum, I’d like to give a brief overview of our project.

Our vision is to become the premier protocol owned liquidity metaplay incubator and a cross-chain decentralized accelerator of metaverse game development. We utilize the protocol-owned liquidity model pioneered by Olympus DAO to bootstrap our treasury with FRAX and Metaverse assets, then deploy our capital to invest into new and promising P2E/Metaverse projects while leveraging our network to give our partners an edge in this burgeoning sector!

We’ve partnered up with FRAX Finance & 0x-Consoles, and will be launching in the next couple of days! Excited to join the Harmony Community.

Looking for Multisig
Currently, we are applying for the Launch Grant and are looking for 1 multisig holder from each of the following communites listed below, if you are interested, pelase reply to this thread or DM us!

Social Links:


We welcome you to come say hi!

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