Strudel DAO is looking for 3 people from the Harmony community to join our multisig

Hey guys! Strudel DAO received a grant from Harmony to build a trustless multi-chain bridge which we’ve completed.

We’re in the process of setting up our multisig. We currently have 3 people from the team, 3 people from the Strudel DAO community, and are in need of 3 people individuals to complete our 9 signer multisig. Ideally these three people would have some association with community, developer, incubator and/or other Harmony-related DAOs, but that isn’t a hard requirement.

If you’re able to assist with this feel free to dm or comment on this thread! Thank you.

Good morning @Squirtle

If u are agree, I can be helping you in this area

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Hey Marc! That’d be great, are you able to assist with the search for two others? If you have anyone in mind it would be a huge help.

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Happy to be a back up, assuming you’ll be able to handle most of the transactions and this would serve as an added layer of security if there’s a need to sign and not everyone is available?

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Hey there! We’d love to have you. That’s correct, it’s for added security more than anything. Wouldn’t need high involvement here.

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Hi, @Squirtle I’ll be happy to help or join the team should you still be in need of a signatory member

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:partying_face: Looks like we have our three Harmony community signers!


Hi, I will be willing to if it’s possible @Squirtle