Powerbomb Finance: Check-in 2/3

> Team name
Powerbomb Finance

> Chosen hackathon track/s
Bringing TradFi to DeFi

> What did you work on this week?

  1. Finished contracts and devs did internal testing
  2. Pitched our app to 2 crypto funds, they were supportive of our vision and we told them to give us a few more weeks till after our hackathon before we get together for another discussion
  3. Roadmapped our multi-chain expansion plan
  4. Deployed our MVP on main net! We are live!

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?

  1. Invite defi friends to help us test in prod
  2. Polish up front end and increase user friendliness
  3. Produce presentation video for demo day
  4. Apply for grants to build MVP on BSC

> Are you blocked by anything?
Dapp ecosystem on Harmony still a little sparse, would love to see other established defi protocols come over to Harmony too for Powerbomb to money-lego with, and also more user activity. But this is not a complaint, just an observation. Shouldn’t be an issue in a couple of months.

> How can Harmony core team help?
We would deeply appreciate a sponsored smart contract security audit - but that has been discussed separately; just putting it down in here as an important check-in note