Project KYC with Harmony for funding proposal/application

As it has been known, as part of the approval processes for funding proposal/application, KYC to Harmony team is mandatory.

Recently, I read some comments in the Harmony discord requesting help on certain projects (which had applied and approved for certain funding/grant) that surprisingly vanished. These comments seems to be ignored by Harmony team.

I’d like to make a suggestion to Harmony team. If the KYC to Harmony team is restrictively to be used for the funding proposal/application purposes only, please explicitly state as such on its approval comment or officially make it known to the community.

With this, hopefully, Harmony ONE investors know and understand that KCY to Harmony team should not be construed as a venue which will be used, by Harmony team on behalf of its or project’s investors, against a project team(s) in the future.

Also, please clearly request that the KYC-ed projects that have been approved by Harmony team should not use the approval as a marketing tool to boost investors’ confidence on the KYC-ed projects.

Thank you :pray: