New Projects?

I’m looking for defi projects on on Harmony. I want to support the one Protocol. I know of tranquil finance… But they never respond to any questions in discord. I am staking on ONE now. Can anyone tell me if there’s any other defi projects or passive projects ???

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Hello Matthew

We have been actively building on Harmony in the last 6 months. We may work together if we find a sustainable way. Please kindly review the topic from the link I shared below and you kindly may review the website to understand the project;

Best Regards.

I’m currently building a DAO system to invest in small businesses. Hoping to get on testnet in the next few months.

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I also got the All for One app the other day. You can buy ONE directly to your own wallet. It’s part of the Useless Crypto project.

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Where’s the all for one app?

It was posted here a few days ago.

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Hi there @Matthew_Lopez! MtopSwap is still on Harmony (we started here and are now on 10 EVM chains).

Our flagship MVP is a one-of-a-kind multiswap aggregator. This product standardizes 100s of DEX UIs into one easy-to-understand interface, and allows users to access multiple swaps/AMMs simultaneously on one page (“Modules”). ie: you can trade on all the DEXes on Harmony (and other chains) all on the same page!

dApp: MtopSwap DEX Aggregator
Whitepaper: Project Description - MtopSwap Whitepaper
Brief video walkthrough:

I am planning to build a simple dapp that shows a counter: how many days are assets on AAVE frozen for.