New Projects?

I’m looking for defi projects on on Harmony. I want to support the one Protocol. I know of tranquil finance… But they never respond to any questions in discord. I am staking on ONE now. Can anyone tell me if there’s any other defi projects or passive projects ???

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Hello Matthew

We have been actively building on Harmony in the last 6 months. We may work together if we find a sustainable way. Please kindly review the topic from the link I shared below and you kindly may review the website to understand the project;

Best Regards.

I’m currently building a DAO system to invest in small businesses. Hoping to get on testnet in the next few months.

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I also got the All for One app the other day. You can buy ONE directly to your own wallet. It’s part of the Useless Crypto project.

Where’s the all for one app?

It was posted here a few days ago.

Hi there @Matthew_Lopez! MtopSwap is still on Harmony (we started here and are now on 10 EVM chains).

Our flagship MVP is a one-of-a-kind multiswap aggregator. This product standardizes 100s of DEX UIs into one easy-to-understand interface, and allows users to access multiple swaps/AMMs simultaneously on one page (“Modules”). ie: you can trade on all the DEXes on Harmony (and other chains) all on the same page!

dApp: MtopSwap DEX Aggregator
Whitepaper: Project Description - MtopSwap Whitepaper
Brief video walkthrough: