Project X: Autarky Finance

Name of Project

Autarky Finance

Proposal overview

Autarky Finance is building an Defi platform for asset trading and wealth building for the masses. It will initially start with options trading capabilities for Crypto tokens from multiple layer 1 and some layer 2 tokens. Being designed as a multi-token platform, It will provide capabilities for writing calls and put options with weekly expiration based on a simplified premium generation for asset holders and traders to bring in their expectations of the asset movement directions on their own understanding and knowledge. We will also be adding some Fixed income capabilities for 90/120/180/360 days based multiple strategies that will bring a simplified user experience for all types of users.

Autarky Finance it building its model to be an on-going entity with goals of bringing in innovation and models that work in real world and democratize the accessibility to new ways of wealth building for the global user-base.

The goal is to provide accessibility to methods of wealth building that is only available to a small number of smart people in the Financial trading industry and make bring in a global participation. We strongly believe that information and accessibility to understand, interpret and exercise trading gains should be easily available to the 7+ billion people all around the world. We have the confidence that we will be a catalyst to make this transition happen with our hard work and partners that we will build relationships during the course our of execution to help make this world a fairer place.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Launch in Mainnet with two L1 tokens by end of April, 2022
Launch Fixed income offerings (phase 1) by October 2022
Zero Knowledge layer 2 addition to form a Layer 2 platform by end of 2022 (This is a stretch goal, but if we don’t try we will never get there together)

External links

Twitter: @autarkyfi
Telegram: @AutarkyFinance

Per Harmony X (Boris and Matty) we both approve a $250k investment.


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Additional notes on the fund raising activity

At Autarky Finance my goal is to make this into an on-going entity with its own revenues to self sustain this as reasonably possible. Given that right now the focus is to do an upto $5M raise on SAFE terms at a $50M pre-money valuation with the flexibility to close the found with lesser than $5M, if possible. In this mode the business will have its own ways to have investors a vehicle to invest in a entity that concentrates on growing the value of the each investor at subsequent rounds with the shorter time frame between raises.

Terms: Up to 5.00 M raise at 50.00 M pre-money valuation with a maximum post-money valuation of $ 55.00 M in this round.


This proposal have been funded with the following transaction Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Found some inefficiencies in the Smart contract on transaction cost that is higher than expected via some simulations on ETH testnet. Working on reducing the transaction cost by optimizing direction blockchain calls.

Also, building the middle-ware translation layer than will help scale out multi-chain access.

In this process found out how bad most of the testnet access solutions are from Moralis and Alchemy. Sounds like an opportunity to explore the RPC gateway models for cross chain applications

Accelerating the fund raising activity as doing full-time building and chasing funding is getting harder by the day. Smart devs are expensive all over the world hence larger fund raise is becoming more important now than was planned, hence chasing the investors globally for a diverse investor pool from different geographies.

Please utilize Harmony’s Talent Network. Will reach out with details

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