Heil DeFi ( HEFI )

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Heil DeFi
our motto is ( we grow and build the future of financial )

Application type

DAO Formation, Product Launch, Investment

Proposal overview

we build a defi ecosystem on the Harmony blockchain. The project is called Heil DeFi. this is inspired by many people or cryptocurrency users who have difficulty managing their assets such as how to buy a crypto and start investing safely and how to use their assets for the good of others or give their assets to many people if they want to do charity work or pay their employees with crypto

Our goal is to provide the safest and easy-to-use financial service known as defi and introduce and promote to them about harmony blockchain ( one )

The products we provide for this defi service are as follows:

  • Launchpad: is a product for investors to safely invest in a project
    and also for a project to fundraising
  • Multi sender: is a product that allows users to send their assets to many people
  • Go to the future : is a product that allows users to send their assets to the future
  • grants: are products that allow a developer or organization that wants to raise funds for charity
  • buy crypto: is a product that allows users to buy crypto by means of fiat gateways, namely buying with a credit card or other payment

We are currently conducting a beta testing campaign at attracting users to get to know our products and harmony blockchain ( one )

We are currently in the early stages and we don’t have many users:

Discord - 4591 members
Telegram - 4893 members

About us

Heil DeFi was built from a hackathon harmony.
and designed to be fundraising and grants to develop projects that are built on
harmony, and facilitate the fair use of finance in cryptocurrency transactions or
provide services to users in investing in projects safely and without fear of
indications of fraud, because of the verification of a project to use the
Not only that we also provide services to users to facilitate their financial
transactions with the delivery of cryptocurrencies to many people in one click
this saves time for users.
Users can also send their tokens to the future with a certain period of time if at
any time they want to vacuum from the crypto world.
Organizations or software developers can also collect grant funds for their
projects or humane organizations.
and finally, users can buy their crypto assets directly using credit cards or other
payment methods.

This ecosystem helps increase trust and reputation in financial transactions for
These decentralized ecosystems will allow to verify the projects eligibility, and
make it easier for developers or users to interact with blockchain smart
contracts and trading or investment, also supporting verifiable credentials.

  1. The Use of fiat gateway protocols based on transactions by users, submitted
    to (ramp. network) and the decentralized ledger Harmony Blockchain that
    provides permanence and privacy, with low transaction fees.

  2. The use of others technology protocol based on transactions by users,
    submitted to Harmony Blockchain’s decentralized ledger providing
    immutability and privacy, with low transaction fees.

These ecosystems can be used by other DeFi or Dapp projects on the Harmony
network to fundraising and any kind of financial transaction.

Architecture our product

Current stats

  • 200 daily user on our website
  • 92 users join to our governance

Proposal ask

funding required somewhere between 50k-150k


funds use for :

  • Audit reports
  • marketing
  • server fees

Metrics for success

$10,000 upon the launch of a feature-complete product on the testnet.
$10,000 upon forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with Harmony DAOs
$10,000 upon the launch of a feature-complete product on the mainnet.
$10,000 upon 1k daily active user on our website and active using our product
$10,000 upon reaching 5M TVL.

External links

Media social :
Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/heildefi
Medium :HeilDeFi – Medium
Discord : Heil DeFi
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @HeilDeFiAnn

Hey @lij @Jacksteroo

Thanks for the proposal but it doesn’t seem there’s a working product yet. As per the guidelines:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product

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it’s work giv multisender , grants, buy crypto

maybe you mean why “launchpad and go to the future” not working yet, because we haven’t started ido yet and we will use “go to the future” after the hefi token launch to the market

Sorry, this product doesn’t look ready. Also, I believe this project has already received some funding from the hackathon. Unfortunately, we are not going to approve this proposal. Best of luck.