Project X Funding: Katelyn Ohashi

Name of Project / DAO / Company

“Every Time I Always Would” – Katelyn Ohashi’s Short Animation Film and Web3 Community

Application type

Project X Investment

Proposal overview

I am a former U.S. National Team gymnast (2009-2013), activist, and storyteller looking to use Web3 to empower young athletes physically, mentally, and legally.

In 2019, my floor routine went viral – with over 220 million views; though, due to NCAA rules, I have no ownership rights over my own routine. I am not the only athlete this has happened to.

“Every Time I Definitely Would” will be a 6-8 minute short animation film that kickstarts my Web3 platform, where Athletes can own their IP, and have a more ethical and equitable outlet for creative expression. I envision this as a short animation film that leads people through a journey of triumph, resiliency, body image, family dynamic, and what it is like to redefine success. Gymnastics has taught me a lot of things from a young age; lessons of goals, hard work, heartbreak, respect, but most of all joy. My highest success was not achieved by being in the top 1% or by being the best gymnast in the world. This is a relatable story to any person that is continuing to strive to be their best and is a reminder that everything will be worth it in the end. Gymnastics is a sport that has been highlighted for its abuse – not just sexually but verbally, physically, and emotionally. With Simone Biles taking a huge stance during the 2021 Olympics, the perfect time for this story to be shared is now.

I am honored that MADinNFT has agreed to feature me on their new Metaverse platform on Harmony, where my community of 1m+ can come to experience and learn from my story, as well as meet with me in a new and intimate way.


Production company: Baby Lion Media

Proposal ask


This is a significant and generous addition to the $455,000 required to fund my short animation film and build a Web3 community with MAD on Harmony that encourages and empowers athletes.


"A proponent of Radical Social Change, Katelyn Ohashi brings her life’s mission to Harmony. Beyond simply telling more female stories and introducing a new audience to web3 – which is certainly justification enough – Katelyn is heroically using her platform, experiences, and creativity to (1) secure IP rights for collegiate athletes, (2) promote mental health awareness in athletics, and (3) tackle the issues of body image dysmorphia – not just for young female athletes but the entirety of professional sporting.

Katelyn will also be the first featured artist on MAD’s NFT marketplace where her animated short film, inspired by “Dear Basketball,” will premier to token holders in the Blue Metaverse. Katelyn’s project brings considerable attention to the new platform.

I, along with much of the Harmony team and community, enthusiastically support Katelyn’s efforts. I am proud to allocate a portion of my $100K (Project X) to her as she uses Web3 to reach and uplift athletes and their communities."Devin Marty (Harmony Team Grant Provider)

Metrics for success

  • Complete my short animation film and premier it in the MAD Metaverse on Harmony
  • Support the MAD platform by creating awareness for the platform and onboard 10,000+ creatives and collectors to their marketplace.
  • Secure enough data and feedback to found a Web3 community/DAO
  • Integrate with the Timeless ONE Wallet

ONE Wallet Address



Good work. Nice Proposal.

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Awesome proposal! :grin: It was great getting to chat in Denver! We look forward to working with you Katelyn!


Fantastic, We believe in your story and mission.

@DevinMarty told me to set up a 5-person multi-signature wallet. I will have this created with four trusted partners, as well as Devin, tonight.

Thank you all for your support!

@DevinMarty and my other 4 members have set up and tested the multi-signature wallet.


Thank you!

Can confirm. Thank you for your patience, Katelyn.

@lij – all good from my side.

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This is awesome @KatelynOhashi! I loved your routine, I love this project and I know athletes will love owning their digital rights! :rocket:

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funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Thank you Li and Devin so much for your support! This is the start of something great!

This space is perfect for individuals like yourself! Great proposal!


Hi Katelyn!

We are so excited for this!!

When you submit your account at will you let us know?
We want to make sure we approve it right away!

Also please reach out if you ever have any questions or want to bounce ideas off the team! We are happy to jump on a call soon, and a few of us will be in LA later this month as well!