Proposal: Increase daVinci Minting Limit for Verified Artists to 10,000

Due to the recent spam attack, daVinci had to reduce the minting limit to 5 for verified artists and 1 for unverified artists.

Proposal: Raise the limit of verified artists to 10,000 per day.

Rationale: Verified artists have to go through a verification process so there’s a high chance they aren’t bots.

Since unverified artists could potentially be bots, I have no opinion on the appropriate limit to reduce spam. I also think keeping it at 1 incentivizes unverified artists to get verified and at the same time increase the quality of art on daVinci.

This implementation was done as an emergency response and the daVinci governance token is not complete yet. If we want more adoption to come to Harmony x daVinci, I think capping the limit of supply is detrimental to the ecosystem long term, especially when NFT are blowing up and gaining wider acceptance.

This started with an emergency proposal, and it should end with an emergency response if met with unanimous consent. As of right now, I can’t think of a good reason on capping verified artists’ mint production at 5 per day. Please prove me wrong.


Hi CryptoBunny,
the minting limit for verified artists is an emergency short term solution to protect collectors and artists at first place. I think we all agree that minting nfts less than a penny opened the gates to copy/minting spam/scammers. (other networks use the tx costs as a filter)

There are several reasons why we need this currently, and as the platform mature we will remove it.

Why do we need a limit for verified artists?

  • The verified badge don´t protect us from a malicious artist to start copy/minting copyrighted material after get verified, we saw this happen 2 weeks ago, a scammer interacted with the community members to get the verified badge, and started copy/minting NFTs after receive the badge. And was faster than we could check.
  • We need to help art curators as we scale, art curators and our incredible community are reporting daily copyrighted material, removing the cap will increase the minting speed, also increase art curators work.
  • Artists should be focus in quality rather in quantity, our daVinci explore page was flooded from some artists, doing that, other NFTs will not be shown in the explore page.
    I hope you understand that the minting cap is currently a protection, we will remove it as soon as we implement further mechanisms.

Thanks for the clarification, really appreciate it. Looking forward to the removal soon.

Also wanted to add that the 10K limit was just a proposal, since minting that much in one day seems like a stretch. Just needed a way to mint multiple NFT from the same collection in one day, rather than splitting it up multiple day so that everyone can see the entire collection at once. Thanks!