How can we promote Davinchi and make it a stronger NFT platform

Davinchi seems like a pretty cool NFT platform currently with #ONE as the currency. In order to get Harmony’s value increased we need the platforms to gain major traction as well. What is a way that we can strategize for this? Any ideas? Maybe some projects to push and promote that the Harmony community can push together? I know there are the Harmony Punks right now, but maybe something more exclusive next. would love to hear people’s thoughts?

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Harmony punks really shows a great example of the power of putting a community behind a project. While not directly involved in development, I think Sirsapient has done an amazing job at fostering the community feel and helping instill those values among people who are purchasing potentially their first NFT asset, kind of the same way we started in the daVinci community.

From a personal suggestion, (and granted I am super uneducated when it comes to the technology involved) but if the bridging of Ethereum, BTC, Link, etc are possible; why not ERC-721/761/7115 NFTs?

Bringing a collector who owns a genuine article Crypto-punk for example, and having that auction somewhere like daVinci, would theoretically save thousands of dollars in ETH gas, even as a mirrored asset that could later be bridged back to ETH.

Again, I don’t know if thats technically feasible currently, but that in my mind would be a pretty huge catalyst to show how effective the Harmony network and daVinci.Gallery as a platform can be
due to all the reasons that make the Protocol great.

Awareness, otherwise I think is the next thing missing, in my humble opinion.