Proposal: To give a bounty grant to hackers in the exchange for returning funds!

Hey folks, there were several hacks that were returned in the exchange for a bounty. For example Poly Network, when $600M was stolen

If this idea hasn’t been raised recently, I propose to offer a big bounty publicly to the hacker and try to negotiate to return the money back.

If it will go well, it will be the easiest and the most efficient way to return the money. All other options can’t guarantee to get funds back, which will damage the whole ecosystem.

Even if there is a tiny chance, lets try it!

cc @lij

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Frankly Im surprised that you think this was a “hacker”.

#Crypto Term: “Stolen” [ stoh-luhn ] (also see: “theft”)
Definition: Past tense of “transfer”

The Blockchain CEO realized a hacker had stolen $100M

Same As:

The blockchain CEO transferred $100M then acted as if someone had stolen it

Welcome to #Web3

They don’t pay milestones, salaries, hackathon prices, governors of the validator DAO how you want they pay hacker(s)?

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Hey, @CryptoGage doesn’t matter how to call it a hacker or “hacker”.

Why do you think so? Any evidence for that?

Looks like the proposal is already live

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