Offering bounty to the hacker who stole 10M ONE

This is addressed to the hacker who stole 10376446 ONE from my former delegator with the ONE address:

He is offering a 2M bounty and is willing to drop all charges against the hacker if he/she will return 8376446 ONE to his new wallet. Please feel free to keep the remaining 2M ONE and do what you want with it.

To prove ownership of the previous wallet, I have sent 0.01 ONE to the hacked address and the former delegator of mine has send 0.005 ONE from the hacked address to his new address:

Here is the transaction:

Again, if you’re the hacker, please send 8376446 ONE to the new address: one1qjqnwcj9pcfm4wghhel5sfg9vzddag97yuxw0f

And the former delegator of mine will drop all charges.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share this on social media.


Speechless… I hope the hacker(s) find some soul within its heart and send back the funds.

To protect other community members for such an event to happen, is it possible to share some details about how it happen so we can all take security measurements?


@RoboValidator - I have just had 1.6M ONE stolen in what sounds like a very similar situation. The transaction of my stolen coins is: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

If you wouldn’t mind, could you DM me on Discord (I’m cowgp) I have a few questions about bounties and charges I’m hoping maybe you could answer.

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@RoboValidator we’re launching an investigation on this. Let’s chat.


Recently there are many incidents related to funds loss related to non-custodial web wallets (Metamask, Coin98, so Harmony/Harmony ONE web extension isn’t the only target).
I happened to read an article written by a specialist on Facebook, he described the process of these hacks as follow: your host machine is infected with malware, this malware will search for data, logs files of wallet extension, & LoginData of your browser, upload these file to the hacker’s server, the hacker then use his tool to mass bruteforce the victim’s wallets. Here’s the original post in Vietnamese on facebook