Raffle Game with Band Protocol Integration

we are exploring building a Raffle Game to showcase the Harmony integration with BandProtocol through a game in the harmony blockchain using BrandProtocol’s VRF Oracle for random number generation.

start 8/3
amount $5k
category dapps: games, collectibles, marketplaces
duration 4 weeks
bounty project
name techflow.space
1-liner Raffle Game to showcase Harmony integration with BandProtocol with a game in harmony blockchain using BrandProtocol’s VRF Oracle for random number generation.
bio TechFlow.Space is an IT Company based in Kathmandu, working in Transformative Technology and state of the art technology like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. TechFlow Space is an open house of a collaborative community of incubators and accelerators where we work and execute on ideas, vision, projects, and initiation. TechFlow.Space is a foundation led by entrepreneurs who have decades of global experience of tech companies in Silicon Valley. They have brought their knowledge and network to Nepal to work alongside local talent.
link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VTFtJB4L1A1rYK9dhPohB6205z5Y5UyrZrM8lcs5rp8/edit
town Kathmandu, Nepal
website https://techflow.space/
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
week 1 Frontend design finalization. smart contract design, backend api
week 2 Alpha deployment to testnet , marketing
week 3 Beta deployment to testnet , finesse
week 4 Production deployment
week 5 1000 users as final milestone
week 6
twitter https://twitter.com/SpaceTechflow
email info@techflow.space
wallet one1d5v78r0ex5uf48ycqyvxlnqfyacdgju9ddmszt
license MIT / BSD 3-clause or 2-clause license
site https://techflow.space/

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Currently solving a “blocker”
Status: Running