Regional DAO Guidelines (not for funding)

Welcome to Harmony Regional DAO Guide! We've created a definitive unified Regional Harmony DAO Guide for those who want to set a DAO but are not sure where to start.

NOTE: These guidelines are just a proposal on improvements based on operating for regional DAOs for the past 6 months. When it is approved the changes will be made and the Join #ONE of Our Regional DAOs notion page will be completely aligned.

Part 1 - Initial Period

In may 2021 Harmony Foundation announced and kickstarted its advanced vision on possible collaboration between the core team and external contributors (devoted community) built on the model of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). We stated to have 10 000 DAOs by 2026.

Harmony DAOs are designed to be fully owned by the community and will be responsible for managing up to $10m ONEs to drive decentralised governance and growth of Harmony’s network, product, marketing and more. They are open. They continue growing and everyone is allowed to join one or many DAOs.

Regional DAOs are one of the focuses when it comes to building local presence for Harmony protocol and its vast and fast growing ecosystem.

Harmony Regional DAO - is a community type of Harmony DAOs that is set by the ethic/language/region group of Harmony supporters. These types of DAOs were decided with the idea to unite harmonauts all over the world in spite of a language barrier. All Regional DAOs are supported by the Foundation and should aim to become open, local (ethic/language/region), sustainable and self-sufficient representations of Harmony Ecosystem.

Why in Harmony we build Regional DAOs?

  1. We feel great empowerment in a decentralised working process, where everyone can openly contribute with the matter he/she does the best. We don’t want the hiring to become an obstacle for a permissionless community and we’re looking for the most possible flexibility for our followers all over the World. We seek to provide an opportunity for Harmony supporters to bring value for the whole ecosystem when and where they want and can do that instead of limiting a few individuals by hiring them for certain positions.
  1. Since the early launch of Harmony our community has been growing up and DAOs are the great solution to monetise community members’ devoted support to us. We don’t mean to pay you for being with us, we mean to invest in your ideas, work, contribution, impact, support and many more things that flow to Harmony with every new ONE onboarded.

DAO Funding Guidelines

  1. We are keen on uniting a global-scale pool of talents together. Because from the very first day of establishment DAOs are 24/7 functional, operational and open organisations they provide possibilities and capacity to build on top of Harmony platform for the best ever gifted contributors and teams on Earth. The role of a Regional DAO here is to be a bridge between Harmony tech and openminded individuals or teams willing to build for future on us. Any Regional DAO is an open gate for harmony and users back and forth.

$300M+ on Web3, Grants & DAOs

  1. We have the vision to build the Fair Economy and Consensus to billions of people. We hope they both correspond to your perception and expectation of what we do in Harmony. But when it comes about a Harmony DAO we think that DAO participants (governors and active members) hold ownership of an organisation. We know that no one else can build internal operations and public voting better than you. And we encourage you to apply and use various DAO tools supporting our open platform.

Non-exhaustive list of possible DAO tools

Procedure for starting and funding Regional DAOs

We recommend to start with the initial period before the DAO is fully formed (up to 6 weeks) and:

  • build a tiny telegram/discord DAO community;
  • revitalise regional section on forum;
  • accept mandates and deliverables for a Regional DAO and set metrics;
  • join the group for internal communication - Telegram: Join Group Chat
  • recruit 9+ governor candidates;
  • post DAO proposal;
  • set up a snapshot space and pass governors through voting, schedule the next vote on Governors;
  • Announce initial Council (signatories) of 9 via
  • Set up harmony multisig with 5-of-9

Now your DAO is ok to be approved and governors can jump on executing mandates, performing deliverables and reaching metrics.

Initial period FAQ

1. How to build a tiny (regional) DAO community? - Harmony will support an initial Recruiting AMA with a trusted opinion leader from a region of interest. Negotiate and set the AMA in Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc., with one of the influencers. The main goal for the AMA is to recruit 9+ people to fill governor candidates’ positions for the elections and onboard people who are interested in DAOs.

2. What does it mean to “revitalise a regional section on the forum”?
We have the Community section on

Please, build a communication using the forum communication culture within your ethic/language DAO.
Good examples are:

if there’s no your language section on the forum yet, let know @nickv via a message feature on the forum.

3. When and How to apply with a DAO proposal?
When your ethic/language community has 9+ people commited to apply as Governors and a tiny community (~100 ppl) who are likely to elecct via the snapshot you can post a DAO proposal. All DAOs’ funding proposals should be addressed via Harmony’s public forum! Just like how blockchains are transparent, so are our proposals. Click on the embedded link below on “About Funding Proposal” to get started immediately.

4. How to set up a snapshot space?
Snapshot is a decentralised voting system. It provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote. Snapshot supports various voting types to cater to the needs of organisations.
Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain.
You can find the setup guide here - Harmony Snapshot: Official Migration to | by Giv Parvaneh | Harmony | Medium.

5. How to create a 5-of-9 multisig?
Gnosis Safe

First 3 month of a Regional DAO elected Council

During this period the Council of each regional DAO should keep working on implementing mandates and accomplish deliverables, set date and time for the next election, adopt the sustainability model, set and utilise internally 3 DAO management tools.

So, a Regional DAO is a community type of a DAO, the main focus for them is to continuously work with a local community, motivating users to join a regional DAO, participate in voting, solicit voices on the forum, enter ecosystem products and increase harmony utility.

We’ll continue talking about the 3 month period for a Regional DAO in the next post, because as at for today I’m kindly asking all regional Governors to join the conversation here and express their thoughts on the Improvements for the Initial Period.



Hi, thank you for this Initial Period guidelines. I don’t know if this is relevant or if I should post elsewhere, but the milestones specified on Join #ONE of Our Regional DAOs, especially the one to translate is very confusing and ambiguous.

From what I understand, we have to translate into our local language (1) the three mandates, (2) the first paragraph on, and (3) articles on

(3) is what I’m unsure of - which articles? Seems like we are just getting more and more articles on that page every now and then.

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Thanks for the detailed instructions

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