Regional DAO Twitter Spaces - Where we're with Harmony Regional DAOs

Harmony Regional DAOs have been evolving since the fall 2022 and remarkably fit the pattern of the general narrative ‘Harmony is to be a home for 10k DAOs’.

So, where we are with regional DAOs today? What DAO tooling are actively using by them and can be shared with us? How governance and voting take place in regional DAOs? What are achieved milestones and success stories? All this topics I’d like to discuss with governors on our weekly Twitter Spaces for Regional DAOs.

DAO Proposal link Status Snapshot DAO tools used Sustainability model
France The French Connection DAO approved
Korea Harmony Korea DAO- We will promote Harmony & dapps! approved
Brazil Harmony Brazil DAO approved
Spanish Spanish DAO Proposal approved
Turkey Harmony Turkey DAO approved
India Harmony India DAO approved
Philippines Harmony Philippines DAO approved
Kenya Kenya Harmony DAO review
Portugal DAO Harmony Portugal DAO approved
Ukrainian DAO Ukrainian DAO - a community type of a DAO for the Ukrainian-speaking region review
ONERuDAO ONERuDAO - a community type of a DAO for the ru-speaking cryptans approved
UAE DAO Harmony UAE DAO Formation – Harmonizing the power of a crypto hub! review
UK DAO Formation of UK Regional DAO 2022 review
Slavic DAO Slavic DAO review
Netherlands DAO not posted yet
Baltic States not posted yet
Hungary DAO not posted yet
Central Asia not posted yet
German DAO Harmony GermanDAO review

Hi @nickv ! Nice initiative! When this Weekly Space takes place? Thanks for the opportunity!

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the next week, poll in our regional daos telegram group

let’s set up the day and time there together!


looking forward for our review

Hi @nickv will the regional DAOs be funded in Q2?

Let’s set up the day and time soon!

Nice Nick!! Let’s set up date and time to disccuss it further. Growing day by day