Removing BLS keys?

Hi there,

I see instructions on how to add BLS keys,
2. Setting up BLS Keys - Harmony.

What is not clear is how you would go about removing a single BLS key if you lose enough stake and are no longer being elected. Whenever I want to increase or decrease my number of slots, do I simply create an entirely new set of keys and discard (or backup) the old ones? I always assumed I’d add or remove 1 key at a time, but it’s really not clear from these instructions how you could explicitly remove a single key. As a follow on, the instructions say all BLS keys must be on the same shard, but when I look through the validators I can see they are being elected to slots on multiple shards…are the instructions out of date? Any help on these questions would be appreciated, thanks!

Found my answer, leaving this up for anyone else who was confused about this.

Creating BLS keys only needs to happen once really.

You create the key files, create pass files, move them into your blskeys folder, and maybe save a backup copy at home or on a cloud drive.

Then register them to your validator wallet when you need to add or remove them.