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I just added a second BLS and that seemed to go fine and my validator was just elected with this additional key. However, I wanted to test something because I noticed the documentation states that the BLS keys must all be on the same shard, however I noticed many validators have keys spread across multiple shards. So I created a third key on a separate shard, added it and verified I saw an update on the staking dashboard, then removed the key (I’m not ready for 3 slots obviously). I then decided to remove my second BLS key because my validator was dangerously close to the 800th election slot. Anyways, I’m not sure if I was flagged or something but my validator has now stopped signing blocks. When I check the status, I don’t see anything weird (active-status:active, booted-status:null, currently-in-committee:true). My signing percentage is plummeting and I don’t think I’ll be eligible for the next election now, is there anything I can do to get my validator back signing blocks? Thanks

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So that epoch passed and I didn’t sign anymore blocks, I was ineligible for the next election, so I set myself as active and am elected in the currect epoch. However, the validator has not signed a single block still. I have restarted my AWS instance, restarted the server, so I’m at a loss as to how to get my validator back signing blocks. I know there has to be devs here, I am worried I’m about to lose many of my delegates, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Assuming you are the validator with no blocks signed this epoch, make sure to only have your shard 1 bls key and pass file in your blskeys folder. It looks like the key should be: 999a922f253bbd7bc26d78fc382a306bbb7d492710fefa113f4a500b015498285b24e9cb4b4eced6d44266ebd085b98d

Once you’ve checked that and made sure your shard 1 database is synced and hard drive isn’t full, you should restart the Harmony service.

Thank you for the response, yes, that is me. I did force a manual re-sync and saw that it ran out of disk space, so I allocated more and did a resync, but my validator still was not signing. I’ve gone and removed the remaining keys from that directory and restarted the service, and it is finally starting to sign again, thank you so much! I only hope I end the epoch above the 66.66% threshold. Is there some more detailed documentation available, the fact that you have to physically remove the BLS keys from that directory is not noted anywhere I can find. There is nothing said about the process of removing keys other than digging around the documentation and finding the --remove-bls-key option, but again this is a really important detail and nothing is said about the quirks of using that flag. Thanks again for the help on this!

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I wonder if you had BLS keys for other shards in the same folder as your shard 1 key. You can only keep keys from the same shard in the blskeys folder. If you want to add keys to a different shard, you need to create a new server that’s dedicated to the other shard.

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Ok, yeah that must have been it because I generated a key from a different shard and put it into that directory. I’m not sure who controls the documentation, but it might be worth indicating that simply the presence of a key in that directory will cause your validator to not sign. I would expect a key to only have any impact if it is added through the edit-validator command. Anyways, thanks again for the help!

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Good suggestions. More documentation, the better. I’m not sure who maintains the documentation, but hopefully the team will take note.

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Just checked and there is a warning in the docs. But if you would like to change or add some more you can to this with a GitHub account, just click on “Edit on GitHub” on the right side of the top

Everyone can help to improve the documentation. Just create a pull request:

I want to know how I can be of service. Been wanting to get involved but I’m so busy. With limited time where would I be best of best value to the team.

Hello - I attempted to stake a few Harmony ONE tokens with you this weekend. I can see that the transaction was completed to your wallet but I cannot see where my tokens are staked. I have record of the transaction, I can see the tokens where transferred out of your wallet the follow day. I’m hoping you will do the right thing and please help! Thank you.

Hi @gus10guLANN, we see the incoming transfer now and will return the funds to the original sender address. You should expect to see the coins returned to your wallet within the next 12-24 hours. Thank you.

Thank you…I would like to stake them with you. That was what I was attempting and somehow it didn’t work out. Thank you.

Justin Galan

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Hi Justin - just wanted to let you know that we returned your funds on 9/28. Here is the transaction for reference purposes: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

We welcome your delegation if you’re still interested in staking with us!