Results for Harmony Creative DAO elections

We now have formation of 9 candidates out of a field of 16, thank you to everyone who participated and took action to get this election underway.


Harmony ONE community please welcome these candidates serving our blockchain with their talents, and lookout for media channels and new content to push the boundaries of our reach!


Please governors check the Discord server because their is already a suggested meeting for today at 8pm CET

Special thanks to Sam for giving me the opportunity, and to Kakashi for getting this together with me!


Congratz to all governors of creativeDAO!


Hey, do you have the Discord server working properly? Channels are not loading for me.

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Hi Shestov

The Creative DAO discord is still under construction, there is a Creative DAO chat on the Harmony discord though at the moment. We are still trying to organise discord and working out how we’re going to handle external chats.

Once decisions have been made regarding this we will post on the Creative DAO Twitter account the best place to chat.