Rocket Monsters - a 3D multiplayer game built on Unreal Engine 5


Rocket Monsters is a 3D multiplayer third-person shooter game built on Unreal Engine 5, hosted on AWS Gamelift, with Play-to-Earn blockchain tokenomics deployed on Harmony, a battle-tested blockchain platform. Rocket Monsters offers traditional app-based gameplay, featuring PvP (Player vs. Player), and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes, across desktop and mobile devices. The team, Rocket Monsters Universe, has been building this game since September 2021, and is seeking to raise $2.5M to partner with reputable investment partners to help guide them through the rest of their game development journey and connect with a greater network of partners, while growing their team and completing the first Rocket Monsters map to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet by the end of 2022.

Rocket Monsters Universe received a grant from Harmony in Q1 2022


Rocket Monsters is a Play and Earn Blockchain game built on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). The Rocket Monsters Universe is filled with a variety of characters, weapons, and vehicles which are all playable NFTs. Players will engage in PVP, and PVE across multiple areas with endless possibilities. With robust tokenomics woven into the game, players will be introduced to vibrant and meaningful gameplay! We are building the next evolution of blockchain gaming by creating a player-centered universe.

The Rocket Monsters game built on UE5 also brings a new standard to blockchain games. We are not only bringing traditional gaming to blockchain, but we can also integrate projects that are now browser-based. Through various shops and arcades that are built in the Rocket Monsters game, we can set up Defi and browser-based games inside of our game. We are creating a player centered Universe that encompasses all aspects of blockchain without ever having to leave the game itself.

Rocket Monsters is building out a true multiplayer game that brings traditional gaming to the Harmony ONE blockchain. Players will be able to battle and engage in actual combat, which has not been seen in today’s blockchain game landscape.

Partners and Integrations

Unreal Engine integration

To date, RMU has built two prototypes on Unreal Engine, which are available for download, and playable on Windows desktops or laptops. We have also released a playable beta of the Rocket Monsters Mobile game, Bear Run. Rocket Monsters is built on Unreal Engine source code in C++ which gives us the ability to have a true multiplayer game.

Through the UE5 source code, we can build out in C++ which allows us to integrate AWS Gamelift. AWS GameLift is a dedicated game server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales cloud servers for multiplayer games. Through AWS we can tackle latency, and offer low player wait times with Rocket Monster.

Cross-chain network partnership

We partnered with XP Network to offer an out-of-the-box multichain support for any minted NFT to perform the migration, which is now fully integrated into Rocket Monsters. Rocket Monsters was first deployed on the Tezos blockchain and has since migrated over to Harmony ONE. XP Network not only allows us to bridge assets between Tezos and Harmony ONE, it also allows total interoperability with every chain that XP Network is setup with. Through XP Network, we are ready to offer multi-chain Gamefi to our community.

NFT and Wallet integration

Rocket Monsters has also partnered with Defungify, which gives us the ability to fully utilize wallet functionality inside of UE5. Up until now, most games that are browser based utilized wallet functionality through web-based platforms. Through our partnership, we have brought full NFT and wallet integration for UE5 to the Harmony ONE blockchain. This is not only a first on the Harmony ONE blockchain, but it also changes how blockchain games are built and played going forward.

Creatives partnership

Our team of Unreal Engine development also includes our partnership with MLC Creative. Through our partnership we can build with a global game studio partner. MLC creative gives us access to a collective of 2D and 3D artists globally. Through our partnership, we can build out everything from 3D components to animations for Unreal Engine. Together with our Unreal Engine team, we have studio quality work to ensure our studio quality game comes to fruition.


NFT Sales and Build Progression

  • Minted and sold out of every character drop on Tezos since August 2021
  • Minted and sold out of every Companion drop on Tezos since August 2021
  • Minted and sold out of every weapon drop on Tezos since August 2021
  • Minted and sold out of Star Fighter Character drop on Harmony May 2022
  • Over 10k NFTs sold with 5 secondary markets
  • Civil War Map at 70% Completion
  • Rocket Monsters Mobile 80% Completion
  • Bear homes and buildings complete for Land builds
  • Land website completion for Land Drop
  • Full NFT integration on Harmony ONE for Unreal Engine 5
  • XP Network Bridge Integration

Roadmap: 1 – 12 Months

  • RM Drone prototype public release September 2021
  • RM HQ Prototype public release November 2021
  • RM Mobile Beta special select release April 2022
  • Tokenomics and Whitepaper May 2022
  • Land website May 2022
  • RM Main website revamp May 2022
  • Token launch July 2022
  • In-game Marketplace introduction August 2022
  • RM Mobile Release August 2022

Socials: Twitter 4780+ , Discord 2.4K+


Rocket Monsters Universe (RMU) is a team of game enthusiasts building together to create the first blockchain game of its kind. We have currently been building Rocket Monsters Universe for the last 9 months. We are a global team of different cultures and backgrounds bringing our love for gaming to Harmony ONE. We have strong backgrounds in engineering, education, business, software, and game development. At our core we are extremely ambitious, and hold to loyalty, fulfilling obligations, respect, and integrity.

Funding Ask


Pre-Money Valuation $10M

Post-Money Valuation $12.5M



Pitch Deck: DocSend




YouTube: Rocket Monsters - YouTube

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Rocket_Monsters_Official

Rocket Monsters HQ Kalamint:

RM Dead Zone Kalamint:

Rocket Monsters 10k Bear Battalion: Unnamed Collection NFTs on Rarible: Buy, Sell and Trade

Rocket Monsters StarFighter: Rocket Monsters Star Fighter - NFTKEY

Rocket Monsters Zeren and Hoverbike: Rocket Monsters Zeren Bear and Hoverbike - NFTKEY