San Francisco NFT Art Gallery & Blockchain Block Party

Is there something else that you would like to see @GeorgeofEmmaInterest ?

And to confirm, if you were to sell said drinks instead of having Harmony pay for it, you would not be able to make the 5 to 10k to cover the cost of the event, correct?

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest , what exactly is it that you would like for Harmony to fund?

I have seen others in previous posts express that they would like to see Harmony involved in big events that are not at fancy places. This is a big community event…that’s at a harmless cafe… so I’m curious if this isn’t what you think is worth it, then what is…

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest I don’t understand your last question.

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest I think I understand your last question. If we don’t receive sponsorship, I will self-pay for a round of drinks to be covered as the main organizer behind this community event.

Can you link me someone who said they would like to see Harmony sponsor big events please?

Currently Harmony is spearheading videos with a similar video quality of production as other chains.

Harmony is also leading efforts co-marketing efforts with projects built on Harmony.

Finally, the team goes to conferences.

But, I’ve seen no community interest in hosting free drinks parties in San Francisco for people who might (or might not) like Harmony, but probably are just there to hang out and drink stuff on the house.

Many community members think that Harmony should be hyperfocused on a narrow set of marketing channels.

This includes products, new services to support users in the blockchain like upgrades to a wallet, videos and other social media content, and highlighting the success of ecosystem native projects.

My advice is to sell drinks to people at this event to cover the costs of the event. If they’re there to go to a party, likely they’ll have the means to pay for drinks as well.

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@GeorgeofEmmaInterest this is what I’m referring to when I say that people have expressed Harmony to be at bigger events: Blu3 DAO Hacker House Proposal - #16 by Gioele

Okay, @GeorgeofEmmaInterest . I hear you out on your advice. If we don’t receive sponsorship, I will self-pay for a round of drinks to be covered as the main organizer behind this community event.

Well, you should ask that DAO for a sponsorship then.

I’ll keep to my position that I think Harmony has other marketing channels it can focus on.

I also want to say it has denied similar requests for funding recently as well.

Great to hear. Best of luck.

I’m confused what Dao you’re referring to @GeorgeofEmmaInterest

HerDAO. It’s a Harmony DAO that has received and is likely to receive substantial funding.

Gotcha, @GeorgeofEmmaInterest let me see how this forum pans out before I reach out to Harmony DAO.I could’ve sworn that the team has told me before that this event funding forum is the right forum to request for sponsorship.

Best of luck to you!!!

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Lay it off dude. You seem to be so entrenched in the funding proposals that you you’re losing yourself, you sound just like the person who demands donation to a government, just that you’re only batting for another camp. Harmony is allowed to sponsor events.

This particular request doesn’t sound like someone trying to defraud Harmony of ecosystem funds, they’re just asking for sponsorship, and the event will go on to be anyway. Also, there’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol per se if that’s somebody’s choice, like with everything moderation is key.

As to whether or not Harmony should decide to sponsor this one, idk I don’t have strong feelings either way. I just hope Harmony can respond firmly quick so that @bubblez can plan around it.


You’re right, I’ll lay low for a few days. Just trying to help.

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I was told they weren’t sponsoring events?

@cadet I saw the same thing but I still wanted to try as well. I managed to self pay for the event to get a dj and working to get some drinks covered. The NFT events for the coalition will still go on. :wink:

Thank you for your interest and for bringing this to our forum, @bubblez
Unfortunately, we are not sponsoring any events at this time. We sincerely apologize for the dilemma and wish you the best in your initiatives.
We welcome you to check back on the forum for more updates regarding events funding status. :blue_heart: