Sencha Check In

> Team name Sencha

> Chosen hackathon track/s Terra, Impacts

> What did you work on this week? Setting up team

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Setting up framework
> Are you blocked by anything?
Project wasn’t listed
> How can Harmony core team help?
More developers?

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Hi @sencha781 continue reaching out at the #team-formation channel on Discord to recruit more developers. we have over a thousand registrants who’d signed up (I’ve gone through reviewing nearly every single registrant) with a quarter of them are seasoned developers/contributors to hackathons and/or open source projects, and of those, 20% are Web3 / hard-core devs! I was pleasantly surprised.

Keep posting on Discord, you’ll find someone. If not, we can help pair your team up with more devs.

Awesome, will reach out now. If you could help with pairing us with more devs as well, that’d be great since time is flying!