Shadow Ages, play-to-earn turn based NFT game. Funding request

Name of Project

Shadow Ages, play-to-earn turn based NFT game

Proposal overview

We are a Ukrainian team working on the play-to-earn game. With its battle mechanics, Shadow Ages resembles the cult strategy of Heroes of Might and Magic: factions with epic monsters and their upgrades. Fights are based on the turn-based principle. The game contains a castle construction and a world map.

The gameplay is based on prize tournaments, token rewards ranking, token mining, receiving prizes such as token and NFTs from lands, creature NFTs updates, and more.

We’re requesting a 100K grant for developing and launching the game on Harmony blockchain

For now we have more than 2,5K community and working to launch first product features during 1-2 months. Currently our game is built on WAX blockchain.

Our milestones are:

  • In a few weeks we will launch an event with a lot of NFT prizes, which should engage users to interact with each other to get a prize. This will ensure word of mouth promotion, that will be supported by influencers
  • Next month we are expecting to launch NFT staking feature.
  • 3Q 2022 - Public launch of the game. Battle Arena launch. Duels, quick PvP fights and tournaments. Artifacts and Spells announcement (pre-sale, sale)
  • Q4 2022 - Tournaments launch/Token Staking
  • Q1 2023 - Castle Buildings launch/Rating System
  • Q2 2023 - Introduction in Lands. (PvE, MMO)

Regarding team needs - we are in need of good PR and node js devs so as not to stray from the plans

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

  • 3Q 2022 - 2K DAU
  • Q4 2022 - 3K DAU
  • Q1 2023 - 4K DAU

External links

Web-site -
Promo video - Shadow Ages - YouTube
Game wiki -

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @papi, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

Hey team - read your proposal and watched the video promo. I think a turn-based, simple play to earn card game will be well accepted by the Harmony community. A few questions:

1- just confirming, q3 2022 is mainnet launch, estimated. Correct?
2- we’re willing to consider this for a $50K grant. Is that acceptable to you and will you be able to find funding from other sources to meet your milestone deadlines?

Let me know.

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Hello @papi! Thank you for your response.

All milestones in proposal shown for WAX blockchain. So q3 2022 - is the WAX blockchain mainnet planned launch. We need to integrate Harmony mainnet launch in our roadmap and make some calculations. But the core functionality will be ready by indicated time, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time to launch on Harmony.

Nevertheless we need to take a few days to make estimations.

About a $50K grant. It wouldn’t cover all costs for sure. But we will also estimate the stage we can get on Harmony blockchain with such funding.

We will be back in a few days with all detailed information.

Hello @papi! We made some estimates based on our current milestones. As I said earlier, the project core will be ready by Q3 2022. But to launch the Shadow Ages game on Harmony mainnet we will need to make a few important precede steps, like Marketing campaign, Harmony blockchain community building, NFT sale, NFT marketplace listing. According to this we are expecting next roadmap for launching the game on Harmony mainnet.

  1. Marketing campaign and Harmony community building. It can be started immediately after decision will be made. Let’s say it will at the beginning of June 2022. Is there any marketing possibilities from Harmony team to promote projects like our game?
  2. Marketplaces listing and NFTs drops - Q3 2022
  3. PvP turn-based fights public launch on Harmony mainnet - Q4 2022

These milestones can be achieved in the previously proposed budget. Of course, we are aimed at developing the project further on Harmony blockchain. But it will depend on NFT drops and further funding. Next milestones are

  • Launch SHA token on Harmony - Q4 2022
  • Tournaments, player ratings and rewarding - Q1 2023
  • Token staking - Q2 2023

All written above is an optimal estimations of project development on Harmony blockchain. It can be accelerated as well. All depends on the resources we will have to maintain the process.

Please tell me if everything is clear or I need something to explain in addition.

Waiting for your reply. Thank you!

Hello guys! @Mattyontap @papi I’m contacting you about our proposal. Could you review the last message I sent?
Thanks in advance!

Hey team - I’m at an offsite this week so, wanted to give you a quick update so you know I’m not ghosting you. I’ll be sure to review next week when i’m back.

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Hey @Mark_Shadow_Ages, thank you for sharing your proposal with us. I want to provide you with an update on our grants program. The text below is a copy/paste, but I am sending it with the same TLC that I would send any personalized message with. I care about your game and simply want to see you succeed.

As you may be aware, all funding for grants and investments are on hold. I would like to invite you to join our discussion here so that you can be fully informed and stay in the loop as things unfold.

That said, I want to encourage you to continue building. Our goal is clear: to make Harmony the leader in gaming and to make it as easy as possible for you to build, launch, and find success with your game. Most importantly, we care about the relationship we can build together. Please reach out to me on Telegram so we can make this happen. As you build, you still have access to our team for technical support. As you launch on mainnet and gain user traction, there are many ways a partnership with Harmony can lead to great things - even without funding.

Today, we released this video to highlight the many features that makes Harmony a great place for web3 gaming:

Thank you for considering Harmony as the home for your game launch. I look forward to cheering you on and am here to assist you in any way I can.