Galactic Pirates-MMORPG-UE5. Funding request

Galactic Pirates

-MMORPG, built on Unreal Engine 5, Play 2 Earn, space exploration and PvP, NFT upgrades

Proposal overview

[Describe in less than 2,000 words on how this will benefit the blockchain ecosystem. Be specific about the goals and outcome of the proposal, with go-to-market and/or user-acquisition strategies if possible.

Galactic Pirates (GP) aims to be the next largest game for harmony. The community and hype we plan to bring, will expand the current ecosystem.
The GP game is planned to be built on the newly released Unreal Engine 5.

There are a lot P2E “games”, that are pixelated, and really are just daily transactions to earn. .which in the end creates an inflationary environment… that’s where GP is different.

GP will be a mmorpg, have a native “PIR” token, space exploration, planet exploration/mining, ship building, upgradable & usable NFT assets, PVP, PVE, buy/sell/rent of all NFT assets and much much more.
Our plan eventually, have an in game Marketplace for all NFTs.
GP is in talks of creating “worm holes” this will enable us to allow to cross chain onto different networks in the future.
We focus on user enjoyment as priority, secondly come’s P2E implementation. We want to create a game like before Blockchain, where you just play for hours on end, day after day because its simply enjoyable. We added in P2E as second priority, doing this, the game’s native token should be much more stable and built for longevity, for the community.

Our biggest thing for Harmony is that we are targeting traditional gamers. Most of which may not be in the crypto space… The traditional gaming market value is $ 250 billion and climbing, we are targeting that community, this will bring new faces, new money, and they will naturally be part of the harmony ecosystem.
We are in the process of planning a small separate mobile “minigame”, also a P2E and uses PIR token. We believe this is paramount to close the gap between traditional gaming and the new world of blockchain gaming.

All of the above are some great reasons how we can work with Harmony now, and in the future to help each other grow, for a long stable future.

What stage of the product or idea are you (and your team) at? Is it live on Harmony and/or another chain? How many active users do you currently have, or aim to acquire? How much funding do you need? What are your milestones? What help do you need, or what gaps are there in your team?]

Galactic Pirates are in the planning/token deployment stage. There will be a lot of development time and requirements in the gameplay (UE5). We have the in-game NFT’s well underway, the discounted “Incubator” NFT and early bird pre-sale are going to be announced soon once we get a few things finalised. Token contract audit, KYC process, expanding the current team and to build our community.
We recently transitioned from a much smaller network to Harmony, and we were able to build a total of 1500+ strong community across all socials. Once we find our feet here, we plan to build up to 5k, then 10k members, and so on. Bringing in members outside of blockchain is considerably harder, and thus we expect the community to boom when the mini game is launched.
Some early graphic examples of the work completed below

Ship demo (video would not post)

Pirate Character demo UE5 (video would not post)

In-game NFT “Tier ranks” for marketplace

Proposal ask

We are requesting 50k launch funding to help us get into motion, also some supportive help with the Harmony core team to assist us along the way with contract/in-game requirements needed to launch on Harmony ecosystem, we are also requesting Harmony to assist us in being seen and heard on their Ecosystem

15k initially- upfront first for token contract audit + funds for building in game contracts

15k after presale launch, together with funds from sales, we will then use the funds to continue game development and advertising to traditional gamers - we aim to target players who are familiar with "Star Citizen and No Mans Sky for example. This may include posting advertising on well known PC gaming sites, and YouTube/Twitch promotional videos. We will obviously have an introduction to Harmony in the ads/promo videos, so this will be beneficial to everyone.

10k - NFT contracts & audit, launch onto marketplace

10k - reach 10k community

Metrics for success

[Milestones, number of users/transactions]

GP’s metric for success will be based of the game and player engagement, our aim is to bring in a large untapped community into the blockchain gaming space, this will be a big factor but not the only factor for our success.
We aim to have around 10k active players, if the “Incubator NFT’s” sell out (10k), that will equate to $3.2 million in revenue, additionally there will be many in-game upgradable NFT’s that can be equipped, sold, traded and bought for the community to utilize. This creates continuous transactions and constant demand. We intend to have certain special NFTs linked between the minigame and the main GP game, creating another bridge between communities.

We will have milestones such as:
The early bird and pre-sale NFT’s when they are sold out before launch
successful token launch
Minigame game launch & collaboration back to harmony
Alpha gameplay
Game launch
Continuous game updates for long term enjoyment and game improvement

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looking forward to this game. love pirates and Blackbeard. Huge OP fan hoping GP will have something similar to devil fruits

Incredible looking game, unlike anything I have seen on Harmony. Big fan of the genre and very bullish on this project.

Great start!
A game rhat is first enjoyable to play for hours and adding different perks to it like P2E making it appealing not only for yraditiknal ganers but investors as well.

Looking forward to it!!!

This looks great. Can not wait to see what you build.

can we have link for this? Or any proof is fine.

dèlflationary? correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t most p2e game token inflationary because they are being minted continuously?

seems interesting on paper, but imo like most harmony p2e “games” this game will be dumped to the ground before any real gameplay.

no traditional gamers would touch nft p2e games, let’s be honest this seems so unrealistic

so yall planning to launch the mini game first? Seems sketchy imo.

nah you are too early. Comeback when you have a playable demo


ofcourse, there are tons of proof there. I just don wanna put screenshots of other peoples chat(4 their privacy). But, just go to MTV chain tg group and also their trading tg group and search for galactic pirates. Their face will be exposed. The team clearly said the only communication this team made was asking for free funding. When the team exposed this, pirates team member immediately replied as “Yes, we only asked for funding but that is just to open the conversation to ask technical questions, Since we didn’t receive any answer for funding question, we didn’t ask the technical questions/support we need. so we decided to move to harmony” What a JOKE !!

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This is for traditional gamers who wish to evolve, not stay the same

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The concept is amazing and well thought out. A player can literally make a career out of it. But by all means, continue to work at your day job you hate

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Can’t believe someone would unironically say this about a crypto game considering the track record of blockchain games lmao.

Like @A_TI mentioned, literally no traditional gamer wants to play a hyper monetized NFT game. I’m a gamer. I spend a good 10-15 hrs/week gaming while working a full-time job (which I don’t hate btw lol) and I wouldn’t touch these “games” with a 10 ft pole.

@Loges2990 I think the project is currently at a way too conceptual stage for me to have any confidence in it. I would recommend building a presentable demo that actually showcases the gameplay and the accompanying NFT elements. You don’t have to target traditional gamers, since honestly this won’t be a traditional game in any sense.

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I agree with the others here, although the idea seems cool and the video trailer was interesting, the grant ask is too early. I would instead recommend community fundraising via NFT/ Token sales after growing your socials and then using some of those funds to make a testnet demo and get something feasible for the community to see the capacity and allure of the project.

Launch 2023 or later is way too far out for a grant ask imo.

@sick_of_this I don’t think you see very far in the future yet lol.

@Pioneer I disagree. If their wish is to be releasing a full beta by Q1 2023, this is exactly the time.
With your plan, it would be Q3/Q4 2023

I respect everyone’s opinion, so if people don’t like the game or don’t want to play it for any reason, that is fine. In which case it might be best to just stay away from it and don’t fud, as there is no constructive value in it. Constructive feedback is always welcome, however.

I myself am a gamer as well and work a full-time job that I love. However, I like what GP is starting to look like and I take extra challenge from a game where I could actually earn some if I play it right. This aspect makes it much more interesting for me, as I’m sure some (not all) gamers might agree with. That’s why I believe this game will be interesting for both investors and gamers alike.

And yes, it is still in an early stage and we don’t know when, or if, the game will make true the promises they make. But that’s the gamble of an early investor. As far as I’m concerned, I believe this project could really become something. Just my two cents.


yes you are correct, I’m sorry I made a mistake. I have amended, thank you for picking this up

Thanks for your multiple comments,

thanks for your opinion, this is the struggle we all have seen in the past, and unfortunately most tokens when launched suffer the same outcome, we wont be able to control the market value of the token itself, and that is the nature of the beast. but we can control what type of game we are aiming to build, and in due time we will see if the community will enjoy our game, we are focused on gameplay first. we are not promising ridiculous high APY, or un sustainable ROI for our game but it is p2e as a secondary feature, its not our main selling point.

and my last comment i guess also doubles as the response to this quote. we are not aiming a farm and dump type of game. yes I’m sure everyone will be sceptical, and that’s fine. It may seem unrealistic to you, but we are going to try to bridge that gap.
We are not forcing you to buy or be an investor. Time will tell, but we will try our best to please everyone as best we can. but there will always some people that wont wont a part of this and that’s fine too.

hmm i dont see the valid point to this comment? but will take it on board as best as we can.
building a mobile mini game and giving the community something to enjoy, whilst developing and building a full mmorpg game on UE5? i think its opposite of “sketchy”, and additionally traditional games take years to complete, we are planning to do it in half the time while implementing it into the blockchain. but again, thank you for your feedback, we will try not to make it sound sketchy when we talk about the mini game in the future

haha thanks again for your feedback.

this is a quote from one of the questions in the application, so as you can see there is no requirement to have a playable demo to apply. maybe that’s why they are offering the “launch” funding, to assist projects in getting to the launch stage?

but it is not up to me or my team to decide on the funding approval, its Harmony. And if the Harmony core team give’s us more requirements, or targets to meet then we will be happy to strive to achieve them. If we are unable to get the funding then its still not a deal breaker for us to stay on Harmony, as we chose this Ecosystem not simply for the grant as some of you may be suggesting, but all the other assets Harmony has to offer, it has a really great foundation for Gamfi genre and the communication between the Harmony core team is incredible.

But honestly, thanks for your input. we will try our very best to prove you wrong, as we are here for the long term regardless of this outcome

Hey mate, this is actually good constructive criticism, so thank you. yeah i can see your point about being too conceptual, i can understand that completely. but i guess we have to start somewhere, and at this point this application is just for some funding assistance to fast track our progress a little. Early bird and presale is completely optional of course, and as some P2E games require ridiculous amounts of initial cost to play (“pay” to earn) we don’t want to be like them. So we try to have the minimal cost to play about the same as a “Console/PC” game, around $60-70usd and that’s it. The NFTs & PIR can be looted in game or earnt on missions, and as much as you play you will be rewarded with them. that’s the part we want to keep like the traditional games, being rewarded for your time played… but in our case you earn PIR & NFTs.
your point about not targeting traditional games is true. this isnt a traditional game by all means, but more of a hybrid. maybe it will target traditional gamers already on the blockchain space that like p2e hopefully.
But yes, a presentable demo with a showcase is a great idea, we are working towards that as soon as we can. i assure you its one of the top items on our list
Thank you for this comment, it actually had good suggestive feedback, and i appreciate that.
So please stay in the loop with GP, as you are the exact type of person we would love to end up convincing to play one day.
cheers for your input, have a good one

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Damn i was missing some good lore in the games, looks great! Looking foward to see this happen!

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Thanks for responding positively to the criticism.

A couple of quick questions.

How will you keep the price of entry around $60-70? Hypothetically, if the project is a big success and the value of the associated NFTs and tokens skyrocket, that generally means an increased barrier to entry as well. For example- Axie infinity started with a super low barrier but eventually the barrier went from $20 to $1500 to now I think it’s like $50? This is one of my major gripes with crypto games, where if you’re not early, you basically just have to make absurd investments.

The other major gripe, of course, is the gameplay. Axie was at least playable and had some interesting mechanics but the vast majority of crypto games have either no gameplay mechanics or are extremely simple (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing always, for ex- Crypto Royale).

I don’t think I could get a good idea of what kind of game you are envisioning this to be from the whitepaper. Could you compare this to some existing games? I could think of maybe the game- Sea of Thieves being somewhat similar to what you proposed.


I have been following this game since from the previous blockchain it was on and I have to say the concept is quite unique. A respite from pokemon type, card game, or alien monster type of P2E games (not to diminish the value of said game for they have acquired huge followings).

Hopefully harmony sees its potential and provide the much needed boost for faster game development.

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yeah this is a good question, as we had the same problem arise when we were discussing making it fair entry for anyone, at any time throughout the game. We thought hard, and came up with a mechanism where we have the Incubator in the rental market locked at 20% of buy price. ($66usd) (therefore Buyers can get ROI within 5 rentals) GP will have some Incubators allocated to the rental in case the owners choose to mint pirates instead, for sacrifices/sell, use. GP will supply a limited amount of Incubators available for rent for $66 usd for the community IF there is a shortage of the community wanting to rent at any stage, the community has first option to rent, if supply runs low/out GP will list incubators for rental until supply returns, hope that makes sense, basically we intend to stabilise the entry point of the market

yesss… the reason why we are pushing this project in the first place… we too wanted realistic gameplay, an actual game worth playing for fun. where you paid $70 bucks, and just played for hours not for rewards, but for the enjoyment, and playing with mates. Thats what sparked up this project in the first place, but we have the opportunity to also add in a p2e system, we are not promising your yearly wage every week… but just something back in return, a game where you can play for fun, but find a NFT here and there, discover PIR tokens in a chest, or loot a treasure map, then go on the adventure to find it. We will be pouring a lot of revenue back into this game, as we want it to be ongoing for years, so it NEEDS to be sustainable, and we want to be able to have continuous updates, expansion updates, “mining” on planets ect. We are not trying to make a quick pixel graphic, slap together, money grab game, and yes we might take longer to build and accomplish what our vision is, but it will be worth it when we get there. For gameplay, you can think of “Star Citizen” "No Mans Sky(after the updates) “EVE online” but with a Pirate twist… i hope this long winded explanation helps a bit, we are working to get the game mechanics locked in so soon hopefully we can announce more gameplay and exploration detail. Thanks again mate

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