Update on seized Lazarus funds?

I’m wondering how recovery one and harmony has not said more about the seized funds from the hack. When the news broke that binance and other exchanges have seized Lazarus group’s stolen funds it seemed like they might actually repeg our stablecoins. However, I have not seen any posts about it in weeks. What is going on with this money? Please provide regular updates about the recovery of the substantial stolen funds rather than post about the sad effort to repeg that is ongoing.


Hello unfortunately it’s probably going to take a while for the repeg. I believe the core team and partners are throwing in approximately 150k(USD)/month and then there are a few validators burning ONE assets and a few of us that are burning our staking rewards. Also im pretty sure the recovered funds were approximately 10 million from the 100 million. So unfortunately its not a quick fix unless harmony maybe partners with a project or there are VC funds coming in. Also There’s a pretty HUGE AMA happening tomorrow 3/16/2023
Possible HUGE news. Hope this information helps. :pray: :blue_heart:

what time Is AMA?? I’d like to hear it , where is it at ??

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