SonicSwap 2.0 - transition from a simple yield farm to a complex mini-ecosystem within Harmony!

Hey Jacksteroo!

We’re ecstatic to know you share our vision! We would love to give the opportunity for sustainable income and true utility to everyone who comes across Harmony! With our power going entirely solar over time & more community members being aware & supportive of SONIC usecases, this beginning phase will evolve into a whole new level! NFT mining is something that our founder Dr Robotnik has came up with & our folks seem to love putting their SONIC into such great use! All our NFT Cloud Mining Passes sell out within a matter of minutes.

Our goal was to make the proposal simplified to ensure no hassle to the core team & the community. This proposal covers only partial funding concerning some bits across the entire project to make sure we can handle the financial load that comes with expanding the project. Regarding everything else, we’ll handle it all ourselves or start a new proposal & see where it goes! What do you think? If you suggest that we divide this proposal into 3 parts, could you please advise which parts exactly would you like to see? Or, perhaps, we could elaborate on each part in the comment section of this proposal? Essentially, at its core, the proposal would be to help fund some partial coverage of all matters listed (if applicable) as we are constantly working and scaling on all simultaneously, & figured this would be a bit more simplified, as opposed to bombarding the forum with multiple proposals. But we will adhere to whatever works best for you guys :blue_heart:


Appreciate your support JoseCampana! We won’t let you down!


@essalacher has anyone been assigned to this proposal?


Assigned to @jbeltran


Appreciate it! Really looking forward to hearing from @jbeltran :blue_heart:


Hello all!
Reviewing today, carefully
First of all, thank you for your proposal!

Getting back to you in a while. Have a lot to read :sweat_smile:
But really happy to do it as there are many folks here from the community that I know & trust their opinions.

See you asap.
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:


Hey @jbeltran,

Thank you very much for getting back to us! It must be crazy busy for you!

We’ve been chatting with @Jacksteroo as well to make sure the proposal makes the most sense to our investors! The community is very excited to see SonicSwap grow - we can’t wait to expand, further improve, market our products/services to be able to offer even more to the Harmony community & beyond! It would be great to add some positivity & lift spirits in these bearish times :blue_heart:

We’re looking forward to hearing back from you! Should you have any questions - please, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


Hello there again.

Have to say that coming to this proposal from a Validator has my full respect.
Please, I have and am impartial every time, though. Please forgive me for any comment as I’m trying to put myself as an investor (I think this position is what the community demands). So treat my questions as being the most respectful.

The real effort that I’m going to ask is to summarize the proposal the best way so that all the points asked are clear enough for everyone. There is a mix of asks here. How do I see it?

I see this project divided into:

  1. Work already done. Would like to have more summarize the real benefits for the community & the protocol. Your TVL actually is 200K, correct?
  2. Hardware upgrade & maintenance. Should the community fund it? What’s the difference with other projects that are already investing in hardware? It looks like most part of the grant is going for hardware to maintain the system that it’s already built or to build another Validator?
  3. Metrics for success. I’d suggest focusing on steps in the app and in order, so it can be followed up in case granted.
  4. What gives Sonic over Sushiswap integration?

So let’s summarize my side.

Appreciate the answer and summary from your side.
Also would love to see the proposal divided into 5 Milestones to be achieved and the time of achievement. Would you, please?
Regarding the job done, from my point of view, it’s an incentive to have this next proposal approved. Will share with the team regarding this.

Besides the main questions, I’ve tried to swap some ONE’s and WONES with Sushi and I couldn’t. Is it working properly?
Swapping and buying SONIC worked well.
Also, you still have UST pools… Don’t know really if this is something that has to take a look.

Full respect for what has been achieved.
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: :one: :rocket:

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Thanks for your time in reading our proposal. Let me clear some things up and give a more guided walk-through of the proposal and what has been done, yet to be done, how it will contribute to Harmony, and how investors can see the benefits.

So first off, I’d just like to make note that as mentioned in the original post, we are not asking for any funding on the cloud mining hardware side of things - or any hardware in relation to the project. This has been, and will continue to be, a personal cost to myself, as I know how costly this hardware can be to buy and build. We realize the major investment needed to operate a commercial grade mining operation, and we don’t feel comfortable asking for such a high dollar amount needed to expand and scale up the one currently in operation.

But, what we do wish to display is the benefits of investing into SonicSwap and where these funds would be put to use - let me expand on this because there are many benefits with what we have built so far, what we plan to build, and how it’s all connected to the fundamental structure of not only Harmony, but the ability to bring more projects, validators, artists and gamers to the network. I will make this as comprehensive as possible to demonstrate this, and divide the first reply to the fundamental aspects we wish to expand on, leaving the Pixel Pigeons game and other games and utilities in development for another post.

So being that Harmony is a network that has a lot of utility based on bridges and interoperability, we have integrated our mining farm into the project as a way not only to create a sustainable long-term project, un-reliant on a constant new influx of users to create a profit, but also the bring more liquidity and awareness to Harmony as a whole - let me explain further.

  • With our mining farm and NFT passes (which is a completely new & unique form of passive mining) users can stake paired SONIC liquidity in pools to earn SONIC:

  • then the SONIC earned can be used to rent time slots on available mining rigs for their tokens of choice offered in the mining service.

  • once the mining pools payout threshold has been attained, the coins in their native form are then paid out to the users.

  • All SONIC used in the payment of the mining service is then burned, lowering supply, making it a sustainable farming method, rather then users just selling farmed tokens and devaluing the project’s token. Essentially, yield farmers can dump as much tokens into cloud mining as they wish, guilt free, without causing any negative effects to the SONIC token - quite to the contrary actually, this benefits the token’s value through the burns associated.

  • the next step in the process is where this benefits Harmony as a whole. By bridging the newly mined tokens from their native form over to Harmony, this brings in fresh liquidity to Harmony and also attention from other chains relative to the respective tokens available for mining. So it promotes new awareness, interoperability, Harmony bridges, speed and cheap fees in a sustained method beneficial to all.

  • Once the coins have been bridged, the users can then re-compound into the pools of those very same mined tokens ( in their bridged form ), to then earn even more SONIC to rinse and repeat, this method can bring long term sustainability to SONIC and Harmony creating long-term users rather then farm and dump users. ex. ONE/SONIC paired LP earns SONIC > SONIC is then used for cloud mining Zilliqa > SONIC used for time slot booking is then burned lowering supply > Zilliqa mined is then bridged back to harmony and staked into SONIC/bscZIL pool to earn more SONIC.

  • the same method above can be used for our NFT mining passes ( which have proven to be very popular with the community ) but, we do most the work and pay out the NFT mining pass holder’s wallets in the bridged form of the underlaying asset chosen, this gives a more hassle-free method to pass holders to skip the bridging process entirely. but gives the same benefits as the cloud mining does, with lowering supply through burns of SONIC used in the purchase.

    The reason why we can offer this service is that I have been invested in PoW mining on a commercial level now for quite some time, and having all my equipment paid off gives us this privilege now to share this ability with our community. Next is where the solar aspect comes into play.

    Now, because my initial cost of the miners has been paid in full quite some time ago, my costs associated with running the mining operation fall primarily upon the electricity costs accrued while mining. But with the slow transition over to being powered on solar energy, this investment has allowed me to lower my electricity costs even more so, as we gradually build up our solar panel PV array, DC to AC high voltage power inverters, solar charge controllers and battery banks. This will continuously lower overhead power costs, and most of all lift profits for the users of the service. this model can truly create a entirely self sufficient project, especially when it reaches 100% solar powered mining rigs, creating 100% profits on coins mined and 0% power overhead costs.

    Now this brings us to the server rental services. This model may have some resemblance to the cloud mining model - in that all tokens used in the service are to be burned lowering supply, but this service can definitely prove to be a major asset to Harmony network as a whole by relieving a lot of the financial pressure on new node operators, or developers creating websites and dApps associated to the Harmony network, allow me to elaborate.

    Our server rental service is to be a service offered - similar to cloud mining, in that users can stake SONIC LP and use the SONIC rewards earned to pay for their server rental, taking a lot of the financial burden off of new node operators…which unfortunately as a node operator ourselves, have come to realize that this can be a difficult and costly endeavor at times to create a new node, and without realizing any profits or securing enough delegates to achieve or maintain an elected position, we have bore witness to many validators being forced to ultimately shut down, but, with the model we are proposing, it could be the solution to this dilemma. It gives new validators the chance to use SONIC rewards from farming to pay for their server costs, eventually covering their initial investment into SONIC LP farming, making for an entirely risk free and rewards-profit-driven form of sustainably maintaining a validator node. This will strengthen Harmony as a whole, create more long term validators generating a profit on their nodes, all the while running on green energy provided by solar powered servers - in turn, lowering - and inevitably, completely eliminating overhead power costs associated with the servers entirely.

    The same aspects can also be said for the GPU graphics rendering service we wish to implement as well. This service will be run congruently with our GPU mining service, in that it will utilize our available GPU mining rigs, to be rented for graphics rendering for many things such as
    - generative 10k NFT collections
    - promotional animation videos
    - games built on Harmony and more.

All of these aspects bring even more attention to Harmony by creating a more sustainable method for developers and artists alike to be able to simply stake and earn SONIC, then use rewards to pay for services such as renting a server to build/launch a game or dApp, as well as utilize the graphics rendering service to make the process much more fluid, with less demand and constraint on processing power, as well as less time spent. With all these services offered in one place there’s a higher chance of user retention to the network, which means building a higher user base, more fees, more Harmony burned, and a more solid community of permanent projects, and builders leaving less artists or developers feeling the need that they must search elsewhere for the tools needed to build on Harmony.

So, in summary. What we wish to offer and currently do offer, is a means of creating a more sustainable way to allow the users and builders on Harmony to bridge, build, and thrive in the ecosystem, relieving financial burdens by simply farming SONIC used in the payment of services, bring in new liquidity & awareness from other chains through cloud mining, whilst operating on clean energy to both lower overheads costs and create long-term community members bolstering and securing the Harmony network through new dApps and validator nodes. These services provided can prove to be a priceless asset to the network as it grows, and we wish to grow with it! This is where the funding is crucial.

The funding will allow for my personal resources in the project to remain primarily on the hardware procurement and maintenance side of the business. This would then free up a lot of the financial weight on myself to be reallocated from paying the team member’s full time salaries, part-time contractors, tools needed, development of the games/dapp expansions planned, and then reallocating those resources into the scaling up of the services offered through our hardware, as well as the sourcing and purchase of more hardware with less worry focused of the long-term consistent payment of agreed salaries to the development team and other costs associated.

In regards to the comment of the comparison to SushiSwap. We cannot compare ourselves to SushiSwap in terms of reasons for preferential integration, firstly because SushiSwap is, and primarily functions simply as a DEX with yield farming ability, with no fundamental use cases supporting the Harmony network’s foundation such as offering server rentals for validator nodes.

Then secondly, we plan to offer many services with - in multiple cases, physical hardware backing these services and being offered to the community of users and builders alike, which SushiSwap simply does not offer. These are among others things to take note of including our NFT raffle system, which provides artists a way to showcase their talents and create a profit from their work, while supporting SONIC through the burning mechanism attached to the raffle system. Or from the payment system we have built which allows SONIC or ONE to be integrated and used in 3rd party e-commerce sites such as Shopify or Wix, this is currently in-use on our cloud mining page. Our payment system has proven to already work quite well in its beta version and ready to be used across many other future use cases and partnerships planned, such as merchandise and other real-world physical items for purchase on e-commerce sites, adding more utility for Harmony ONE, and more awareness!

As for the reason behind you not being able to swap for SUSHI on SonicSwap, this is due to there being no liquidity pair or staking pool for the swap pair you have mentioned on our DEX. Pairings and staking pools are first and foremost chosen, and voted on by our community. At such time the SonicSwap community has not shown an interest in creating a staking pool or liquidity pair for SUSHI - thus, there is no liquidity for the swap to be successful.

To address the UST and LUNA pools, these pools have been voted out by the community recently -in light of the current situation with LUNA-UST. We have just allowed for the proper amount of time to pass as we consistently do, to provide ample time for LP holders to un-stake and properly remove their liquidity before archiving the pools and removing them entirely.

So as a whole I’m sure it has been demonstrated, our metrics for success are based on the fundamental value our project can add to the Harmony network through unique services offered:

  • cloud mining, bringing fresh liquidity and awareness

  • SONIC PAY, through the ability to provide an easy payment system in 3rd party e-commerce sites giving more utility and awareness

  • server rentals, bringing more security through validators, with lowered financial burden

  • server rentals, bringing more developers and builders through hosting websites and dApps

  • GPU graphics rendering, bringing more artists, game developers and visual promotional influencers/marketers

  • conversion to solar power, to lower cost overhead and create long-term sustainable profits.

  • our games, in development to show some of the utility in real-time display, an example of the functioning ability of our servers and graphics rendering services in use, as well as another deflationary use case for SONIC.

    Honestly, there is much more I could elaborate on with aspects relating to how our project can be, and will be, a major asset to the Harmony network with the opportunity to show how putting our hardware to work, to serve Harmony’s security and growth. This funding will greatly allow myself to reallocate my resources into the scaling of hardware to keep up with demand, whist having that peace of mind, that the minds behind the building of it all are consistently paid for their hard work.

Investing into SonicSwap is - by proxy - investing directly into bolstering the security and growth of Harmony network in a clean and sustainable way long into the future!

I apologize for the lack of the 5 milestones requested, but it is very late as I write this, I would need a few more hours to speak with the team to reach a more reliable and realistic milestone timeline and not to give any unrealistic goals.

but in general the next steps and milestones are as follows:
- NFT marketplace for the Pixel Pigeons minting
- finalizing the build and testing of PPFC game
- the contracts surrounding the game
- reviews and beta version launch
- development of the server rental service
- development of the graphics rendering service
- launch of final payment system version
- development of single unique single staking
- continuous scaling of hardware for our services

I’m sure I have failed to mention some other aspects of the utilities and the benefits they can bring to Harmony, but as I see my post continue to grow longer with my reply, I will end here with adding that - we have realistic ambitions and goals set for our project to prosper on Harmony long-term by providing the utility needed to secure and grow the network. We have no plans to go cross-chain and lose focus on Harmony, aside for our cloud mining, which is essentially only bringing in new liquidity/awareness to the chain through bridging and re-compounding on SonicSwap. We have proven ourselves as a trustworthy and engaging team, as I’m confident can be reaffirmed by other notable and trusted community members, as well as our commitment to serving/building the SonicSwap and Harmony ecosystems long into the future.

Rest assured, this grant proposal is to concretely secure our long-term growth, commitment to building, scaling and remaining relevant on the Harmony network for a long time to come!

Thank you again for your consideration,

Dr. Robotnik


Hope all is well @jbeltran! We’ve left you the reply above (doesn’t show as a reply to you for some reason, so just giving you heads up). Have a great day!


Thank you for such an elaborated reply. I really appreciate so will the community by sure.
I’ve deleted @M87 forwarded message as this is the original.
Have to say that in M87’s were already two likes. Hope they like your message again.

Said that. You have my strong yes.
I’ll be moving in for the final vote that we’ll publish here.
I wish you good luck in the vote.

Before the vote goes on, I ask you please again to set $ Milestones in the ones that you have described above. As you may already know from other grants in Harmony, funds are not given straight. Therefore, the fund, in case of approval, it’s being sent in every milestone achieved. Would you, please?

Hope to be a long-term project. I like the Stable ones :slight_smile:

:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: :rocket: :one:


Mic drop! Great read! Just affirms my belief in this project even more!


So happy to see the review process happening!!! This guy said Sushi Lmfao hahahaha. Name a coin with more utility than Sonic? It doesn’t exist!!! This is much more than a Dex! I really hope to see this team funded and supported and marketed!!! And we all grow!!!


Hey @jbeltran,

Thank you very kindly for your support, we greatly appreciate it!

As discussed earlier today, we could present you our original milestones placed in the chronological order. The original milestones align perfectly with @DrR’s comment from yesterday. We sincerely hope the team will find the terms feasible.

Milestones (in the chronological order):

  • Unique NFT Raffle designed to incentivize NFT collectors & SonicSwap users, support artists, & decrease SONIC supply - $7,500 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • Cloud Mining Hardware Rental with 100% of SONIC revenue being burned & staking pools being provided for a number of selected mined tokens (potential to bring over more ETC, ZIL, BEAM, RVN, ERG, FLUX, XEC, DGB, BTC, & other communities to enter Harmony) - $6,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • SonicPay initial implementation - $3,500 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • Cloud Mining Passes - hassle-free way to cloud mine w/ HRC20 payouts & 5-10% ROI - $5,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • NFT Marketplace live on testnet - $5,000;
  • NFT Marketplace live on mainnet - $15,000;
  • Pixel Pigeon Fight Club open beta - $15,000;
  • Pixel Pigeon Fight Club live on mainnet - $45,000;
  • SonicSwap Affiliate Program launch w/ ONE incentive - $12,500;
  • Server Rental service launch - $7,500;
  • GPU Graphics rendering rental - $7,500;
  • Unique solo staking pool benefitting the entire SonicSwap Eco - $5,000;
  • SonicPay future implementation for the 3rd party e-commerce websites with medium to high user traffic - $1,000 each, max 10 platforms ($10,000 cap);
  • SonicSwap & Harmony merchandize designs presented to the community (minimum 10 uniquely-designed items with SONIC or ONE available payment methods) - $5,000;
  • UI Upgrade (SonicSwap.IO ) - $7,500;
  • UI Upgrade ( - $5,000;
  • Sonic City Casino open beta - $7,500;
  • Sonic City Casino live on mainnet - $22,500.

As an alternative, here are just 5 milestones in much shorter form, with some of the points above being combined:

  1. Unique NFT raffle, Cloud Mining Hardware Rental, SonicPay, Cloud Mining Passes - $22,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  2. NFT Marketplace, Pixel Pigeon Fight Club, Affiliate Program - $92,500;
  3. Server Rental, GPU Graphics Rendering Rental - $15,000;
  4. Solo Staking Pool, SonicPay Integration to 3rd party platforms, SonicSwap + Harmony Merchandise - $20,000;
  5. UI Upgrade for SonicSwap.IO +, SonicCity Casino - $42,500.

We hope that one of these two formats can work for you! Should there be any more questions or concerns - please, don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you very much, once again, for the committee’s consideration. Our community is really looking forward to hearing from you!

7 Likes is an authentic Harmony original :blue_heart:

This team has consistently delivered value to our community in the past and I look forward to watching their plans develop in the future

This thread is a shining example of how the grant process can be successful :sparkles: :raised_hands:

Wen vote?


Sonic Swap is known to be trustworthy, active, innovative, and a team that cares about its community and Harmony above anything else. They’ve always been transparent with the project. The NFT raffle and Cloud Mining are impressive and technology that is unique, designed by their developers, and not found anywhere else on Harmony. They’ve made decision after decision in support of the tokenomics and done right by the stakers and investors. There is a high likelihood they finish the grant milestones and deliver on these milestones based on their past track record of persistence and Harmony can have a higher likelihood that the funds will benefit Harmony with new code and a team that can show they can innovate here and be trusted. Good luck Sonic! Looking forward to the game.


Hey everyone,

Hope all is well!

Just in case anyone has missed our Twitter announcement, we would like to share this Pixel Pigeon Fight Club teaser we’ve released earlier today. There are more teasers, trailers, & gameplay demos to come!

Special thanks to @404, @TohsterSG, & all their talented helpers for all their hard work on the game! It’s incredible to watch the harmony between everyone who is working on this part of the project, making sure that users will remain entertained & engaged from the very start to the very end of each match & beyond. Passion is certainly one of the strongest traits of the SonicSwap team.

Our community is really excited to hear some updates on this proposal, so please feel free to let us know should there be anything we can do to lift some weight off your shoulders @lij @stse @dpagan-harmony. Would love to add that @jbeltran has been very helpful throughout this journey!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic end of the week - the weekend is just around the corner! As always - please remember to take care of yourselves & your loved ones! Enjoy the teaser!

Kindest Regards,


Hey M8 excited to see you guys continuing to build and grow. Looking forward to seeing how you evolve sonic :grinning:

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Hey Kurt! Appreciate your support! We’re doing our best to progress as far as possible with what we have! Times aren’t easy right now but not a reason to stop working & the community has been more supportive than ever! Awaiting for the final decision atm. Fingers crossed! :zap:


Hello again:

Asking for this commitment:

  • Unique NFT raffle, Cloud Mining Hardware Rental, SonicPay, Cloud Mining Passes - $22,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • NFT Marketplace, Pixel Pigeon Fight Club, Affiliate Program - $92,500 ;
  • Server Rental, GPU Graphics Rendering Rental - $15,000 ;
  • Solo Staking Pool, SonicPay Integration to 3rd party platforms, SonicSwap + Harmony Merchandise - $20,000 ;
  • UI Upgrade for SonicSwap.IO +, SonicCity Casino - $42,500 .

Approved for a strategic investment grant for up to $ 192.000. We look forward to this :handshake: investment and gain strategic alignment in this space.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Please review the Harmony Funding FAQ for additional info.

Congratulations SonicSwap team.
Can’t wait to see your next milestones.
After the KYC we could have a video meeting know each other faces and carefully listen to you.
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: :rocket: