Spanish DAO Event proposal

Final proposal for the Harmony ONE Spanish DAO Event

• $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each

Due to the budget provided by the Harmony One team ($10,000) and the fact that the event would take place in the center of Barcelona, it is not feasible to hold two events of the quality that Harmony deserves, due to the average price per event its around $4,000 to $6,000.

For this reason, we have evaluated these alternatives:

  • Hold a single event.
  • Holding two events, although this would only be possible with a larger budget.

Below we share three of the various proposals that we have, in order to have an idea of the average budget per event.

Ideas and Event Structuring

First Harmony Spanish DAO Event

Date: March

Day: Weekend of March, options: (March 04 to 06) (March 11 to 13)

Time: 16:00h-21:00h

Location: Barcelona City Center.

Event Development:

The event will start at 16:00h, our objective is to open the doors of Harmony ONE to all the Spanish speaking community, share all the information about its ecosystem and operation of the blockchain, and show them the main differences of Harmony ONE with respect to other networks such as Solana, ETH, Binance Smart Chain…etc.

Therefore we will organize an event where you can talk about the above, for anyone who wants to become familiar with Harmony ONE. In it we will be able to talk with the governors of Harmony ONE Spanish DAO, who will be happy to answer any questions.

We will be able to enjoy a tasting of different classic tapas of the city that will be accompanied by a good wine, beer or soft drink. The event will end at 21:00h.


  • Availability: (March 04 - 06) or (March 11 - 13)
  • Duration of event: 5h
  • Outdoor space for 50 people
  • Healthy catering during the whole event
  • Bar service (wine, beer, soft drinks…etc)

Hotel Kimpton Vividora

Our boutique hotel is a home away from home for those seeking to experience Barcelona as insiders. The architecture and design of the spaces accentuate our historic surroundings while plush modern comforts, superlative service and standout amenities can be discovered around every corner. Step outside our doors and the city’s exciting attractions and hidden gems are just a stone’s throw away, waiting to be explored.

Location: Barcelona, Carrer del Duc 15.
Price: $5.243.
Contact: 936425400


Hotel Kimpton Vividora Demands: Funds 50 Guests:
Venue $1.025,00
Snacks $1.992,00
Drinks $1.252,00
Merch $685,00
Music $114,00
Visual Media $175,00
Total: $5.243,00

Terraza 83.3

Terrace 83.3 is a privileged place to enjoy the skyline of our beloved city. If you look to the right, you will be fascinated by the sunset over Montjuïc. If you look to your left, the protagonist will be our most representative work of art, the Sagrada Familia. And if you look to the front, you will find the imposing blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Location: Passeig de Gràcia, 84
Price: $8.313.
Contact: 937370010

Terraza 83.3 Demands: Funds 50 Guests:
Venue $2.504,00
Snacks $2.275,00
Drinks $2.560,00
Merch $685,00
Music $114,00
Visual Media $175,00
Total: $8.313,00

Terraza Vistas 360

In Terraza Vistas 360 they offer the richest and healthiest proposals, from a great sirloin steak tartar, to a delicious rice paella with prawns, or some tasty “tapas de bravas”. All this succulent culinary offer in line with the standards of the Osborne restaurant area, can be tasted in its charming terrace with one of the best views of Barcelona, delighting you in the evenings with its amazing cocktails any day of the year.

Location: 08015, Province of Barcelona, Barcelona

Price: $5.073.

Contact: 937370010

Terraza Vistas 360 Demands: Funds 50 Guests:
Venue $0,00
Snacks $2.163,00
Drinks $2.050,00
Merch $685,00
Music $0,00
Visual Media $175,00
Total: $5.073,00


Comfortable space to hold the meeting and meet the people of harmony.

Four speakers

50 attendees

@lij @frwrdslosh


Hello Harmonnauts!

I just want to add something that we are wondering.
There is a clause on the events that requires governors to wear Harmony Merchandising. Currently our Governors team does not have blue shirts or merch for that event, is there a way to fix that?


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hey @SpanishDAO ,

this is amazing that you start fulfilling rdao’s deliverables and events are a major part of them!

this is not the budget for the event. this is the amount of funds you’ll receive as the dao governors when set and conduct these 2 events. the budget for the event should be requested separately, according to the EVENTS recommendations:

Organizers of each event follow our templates to bring in new builders. Harmony has success with Gitcoin, DoraHacks, ETH Global and DevPost with $2M+ campaigns. We recommend hosting our own quarterly hackathons with $1M prizes each, sponsoring $100K workshops for industry-wide conferences, giving $50K keynotes in regional events, and empowering 100 local organizers – with $1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor.

so, planning the event it's very important to specify those, who will give speeches there; we encourage it to be ppl from the industry, other protocols affiliated to harmony, our DAOs governors (you're included), etc.

if the average price for a venue is so high and there're no other possible options (e.g. venues not in the central part of the city), then I think this might be discussed additionally.


usually, we plan swag production in the frame of the budget provided. take a look to the approved proposal for the event in kyiv - Harmony Builders and Creators Day in Kyiv, Ukraine


Hope to see everyONE there!! It’s going to be a great meeting where also will have a couple of projects that are trying to apply for a grant, who will speech.
So bullish… countdown starts


I think we can move forward with 2 options:

  1. Hotel Kimpton Vividora
  2. Terraza Vistas 360

as they’re more appropriate to the budget of $5k for the event with up to 50 ppl

side note: as you’re completely decentralised and the only those who decide where to set/conduct an event you should not post so many options. try getting consensus internally, in btw governors, and then post an appropriate option to the forum. this way it’s much easier for the team to approve clear stated request, than try to find out which option is closely to the frame designed for spendings


Okay @nickv! We will take in consideration your side not! Every tip is worth it for us and so helpfull!!


Hola me pongo en contacto con vosotros para solucionar el problema de solo poder organizar un evento. Nosotros queremos crear uno en Madrid y tenemos mayores facilidades. Podemos unir fuerzas y que podríais realizar el de Barcelona y el otro fuera con nosotros en Madrid. Como nos podemos poner en contacto?


Buenas noches @Daaviis! Os apoyo en este proceso de creación. Es una propuesta muy interesante, la debatiremos durante la próxima reunion de gobernadores! :sunglasses: Puedes ponerte en contacto mediante nuestros canales de twitter, telegram o discord!
Un placer, deseo que os aprueben la propuesta y con ganas de empezar a charlar jejeeje


Muchas gracias @MarcMorales94 hay te mande un mensaje a vuestro telegram. Un saludo