Sponsorship NFT event Miami

Name of Event/Project

NFT Fashion Love Spreading Event 4/28/22

Proposal overview

We are organizing and hosting this event on April 28th 2022 in Miami FL
With this event our main objective is to bring the art and fashion community together in one of kind celebration where attendees will become the artist by participating in a massive joint painting. At the end of the event we’ll be NFTing the final masterpiece. This one night in history will live forever on the blockchain. Our plan is for all the attendees to receive an NFT with their ticket purchase. This step is to insure that all the individuals go through the proper blockchain onboarding process. My team will educate and show how to properly install a MetaMask and receive a NFT at the night of our event.

We’re looking for sponsors and parters as our media campaign will deliver on our end of the barging by providing posters, flyers and education about Harmony.

Proposal ask

We need to raise 10k for this event but will accept any donations

  • Venue

  • Marketing

  • Materials and labor to build massive canvas

Metrics for success

  • Strong organizational team

  • 150+ artist, designers and very interesting people

  • Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez will be present

  • Reality show about Miami DMTV will film a whole episode about NFT Fashion Love Spreading Event

External links

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @essalacher, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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Hi @cryptobandit,

  1. Can you provide ROI metrics for the sponsorship?
  2. Provide details on “providing posters, flyers and education about Harmony”?

Can you provide a proper email so I can submit a real Sponsor deck?

Venue 117 NE First Ave, Miami, FL 33132
14 local artist will be participating with a combine 100k followers
local news station are doing a segmented
local magazine news paper is covering the event
DMTV network will do a whole episode about this event

We will have sponsors logos on our marketing material, website, instagram and our backdrop. A public announcement thanking our sponsor throughout the event. If there is any Harmony representatives in Miami they’re more than welcome to attend and build relationships in our community. If Harmony can provide materials such as flags, flyers and business cards or a script so my team can focus on when talking about Harmony and providing education

To unite people all other the World to help those in war crisis.

To create together the biggest group painting canvas in history

ever(2000 sq. ft.) and turn it into the NFT

Spiritual awakening on Who You Really Are with “Inner

Freedom Project”

Magnificent party, NYFW level fashion designers, most

beautiful models, best electronic music

Community building around Unity, Love, Art, and New







@cryptobandit I want to apologize for our lack of follow up on this proposal. Thank you for your time and efforts in this proposal.
We hope you had a successful event, and welcome you to continue to build our Harmony community. :blue_heart: