Stop Using Chrome extension wallet

Guys please stop using chrome extension wallet for your ONE. It is not supported and is super risky to you. You might end up losing all your assets. I have seen it happening recently to a community member and I don’t want you folks to go through the same

Metamask in my opinion is th best wallet right now for ONE

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Any Google Extension Wallet is proven to be vulnerable at all the time.

Thanks for the Regular Security Warning.

Shayam, what alternative you recommend then?

Recently i heard their icloud/vcloud also exploit …nothin is safe brother.

Hey bro you can use Metamask or Trustwallet.
I heard that even Metamask can be hacked in iPhones. Use Trustwallet & write down you keys on any copy or diary & keep it at any safe place, do not upload your keys on any cloud service or drive.

Imo using any extension wallet is leading to vulnerabilities. It is always recommended to use Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc. to store your $ONE

Metamask also not safe these days

Yes, indeed i have mentioned already that someone could have put malicious code in the harmony wallet since the uploaded versions in repo dont match the tags:
1-Who was uploading the Harmony Wallet chrome extension?
2-Proofs of fbi involved?
3-Who were the harmony members having the compromised private keys which got ‘hacked’?

So you should send your funds to a new created metamask wallet so the private key its new and not exposed to the one who was uploading the hmy wallet, which we dont know who was yet.
Anyway im pretty sure that after RongjianLan leaved, there is not any hope of harmony getting bullish again, this is pretty much dead, i would suggest to leave now or when bear crypto market ends at November.